Virgo Weekly Horoscope 10th – 16th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

If you are looking for growing involvement in a grave relationship, you have to be patient at the moment. The person who is the reason for your restless nights shall not be ready to jump into a bond of love promptly. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up faith. You should keep sending signs of kindness and warmth to that person. Planets are in a critical transition that would lead to the expansion of your social circle. What is more, a new connection may take form and this shall go a long way. However, as a thumb rule, don’t pin all your hopes on a new acquaintance, particularly from the opposite gender.

Education and Knowledge

Currently, students undergoing training at graduation level will be having a much-needed break from course work. It is essential for them to relax and pursue activities they don’t get time for in their regular college work. However, amidst all the fun and frolic, they shouldn’t dismiss their textbooks and notes from their presence! It would be useful to them in the future if they can go through the topics that will be taught in the new academic year. This shall give them an edge over their peers. If you are a learner at the post-graduation level, you should fix notes about topics to be covered in the coming year. You are predicted to make sparkling progress in the ensuing year.


There is a cause of worry this week. You may see an old illness, which you thought had been healed, flare-up. Alertness has no backup. Visit the concerned doctor and follow his or her instructions to a tee. This should help in eliminating the troubling issue and provide you relief. Towards the end of the week, there are chances of getting injured unexpectedly. You can take measures for the same. People suffering from diabetes are advised to be particularly watchful of the food they consume. They should religiously adhere to their diet.

Money and Finances

It can be said with a purpose that you shall witness a minor increment in your inflow of money. Having said that, you are unlikely to come across an opportunity to make a remarkable financial gain. Adding fuel to fire is the ominous transition of the strong Saturn over the twelfth house. This shall cause an alarming rise in the flow of money in the form of personal and miscellaneous expenses. You shall have to treat this situation with serious concern. A reliable manner to counter this likelihood of leak in finances is to practice management. You should keep track of all your spending.

Career and Business

The journey of celestial bodies at the starting of the week shall strengthen progressive forces. But a change is foreseen around the middle of the week. This means that the self-employed people shall have a topsy turvy time while increasing a profitable deal. However, they can count on the routine deals to keep them afloat in this fruitless time. The employees shall face a stressful time at work. This will primarily be due to stringent guidance from their immediate boss. They may face a pressing need to provide substantial output. Matching the expectations of their senior shall prove challenging. Moving forces may not work much effectively here.

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