Top 3 Movies Apps For Android

The modern technology has made the world very small and comfortable. You can browse everything around the world by sitting in your bedroom. Like this, there are many movie apps available for android that allow you to watch movies. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime, there are other movie apps that are totally free but very effective in watching your favorite movies. There are also tons of movies, with quite of few ads.

Here are the top 3 movies apps for your android.


Hulu is a standout amongst other video destinations in the popular press as existing apart from everything else. Starting in 2014, they began permitting watchers to see chosen TV shows and films for nothing on Android tablets and cell phones. You can watch certain shows with plugs through the Hulu site and pay nothing for it. If you have downloaded this application, you have to refresh it first to appreciate the free membership.

Before this declaration was made, watchers were constrained to observing full TV shows or motion pictures on their work areas on the off chance that you are not an endorser. It implies that you need to buy in a paid membership on the off chance that you need to watch your preferred shows on TV, tablet or telephone. Sometime in the not too distant future this year, Hulu said that the portable changes on the application would be successful on iOS.


You know, Crackle is one of the most popular free movie apps among spectators. It is Sony’s production that released an android version. The movie app is full of various TV shows, movies, and a bunch of hit tiles that you can choose from according to your choices. Moreover, it provides Nelson Tracking software that helps you to be a part of statistics as something comes into popularity.

However, the quality of the stream needs more work to do better. But you can ignore it. Over time, the free platform of Sony is serving its customers with a vast of free movies. Besides, it has many comedies functions that help you to keep smiling.


Well, Popcornlflix is another free platform for your android devices to let you the way to watch movies. It is one of the best free android apps for movie content. The app frequently updates its database with new movies, and you know it has more than 700 movies on the list. You will find many international films, a vast of genres, and other movies as well. The app will not let you down your expectations, and the streaming quality is just okay. People put complaints about the buffering.

What more should I say about free movie apps for android? You know well now about these free apps. How they work and how their services are. I hope you guys have enjoyed this article. You can try these Movie apps for android. If you want some more apps recommendation, then please Visit SpyonMovies, where you’ll find some other recommendations that might be helpful for you.

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