Things to Know About Taking Pre-Workout Supplements


Some of the most serious fitness buffs, bodybuilders, and athletes take supplements. Not all of these products, however, are from the same cloth. Other than the ingredients, today’s supplements also vary when it comes to when consumers should take them. Pre-workout supplements, as the name suggests, are those that you take before you pump iron or pound the pavement.

Earlier, you had to figure out what you should eat before putting on a pair of athletic shoes. Currently, all you have to do is swallow a pill or guzzle a shake. It’s a time-saving solution that helps ensure you will enjoy top performance.

Caffeine is a Common Ingredient

Supplements taken before working out do come in various forms. You can come across capsules, tablets, powders, and extracts. Other than in form, these products also differ from one another when it comes to their ingredients.

A lot of your options contain caffeine, which is a stimulant. The goal of any supplement that contains it is to increase your alertness and energy levels, thus allowing you to perform better than usual.

The intake of a supplement with caffeine in it also helps speed up the metabolism; this is why such a type of product is popular among those who wish to lose excess pounds. Caffeine can cause fat cells to break down, according to studies. Whether you choose to take a supplement with caffeine in it or a cup of coffee before partaking in cardiovascular activities, you may be able to attain your weight loss goal quicker.

Amino Acids are Ingredients, Too

Some Pre-Workout Supplements also contain amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. They are more appealing to consumers who are into pumping iron to bulk up. Amino acids are beneficial to them as they help reduce muscle fatigue.

Fitness and nutrition experts agree that amino acids in supplements also help increase strength as well as endurance because it allows the ability to lift heavier weights and maintain top-notch performance, especially during high-intensity training sessions. Amino acids also exhibit the ability to accelerate the metabolic rate. Such is the result of what’s called thermogenesis.

The intake of an amino acid-containing supplement before working out also helps ensure that there are protein building blocks that the muscles could use for repair. It is why the consumption of such a product may help shorten recovery times. For individuals who wish to see results faster than usual, it is a good idea to spend less time recovering and devote more time working out at the gym or elsewhere.

When to Take Supplements

It is before working out when you should take these products. According to proponents of these supplements, the best time to consume them is 30 to 60 minutes before you engage in your exercise or training routine for the day.

Taking them just before you lift a dumbbell or jog around the block is pointless because their effects may kick in only after you are done working out.

While there is a right time to take these supplements, there’s also a wrong time to take them. If you prefer to get your dose of exercise after office hours, it’s a good idea to skip taking it, especially if the product has caffeine in it. If you take it a few hours before going to bed, you may fail to get a good night’s sleep. Check out Medisupps Supplements.

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