The journey from being an employee to Proprietor with Jhansi Rani Vedachalam

We people are always confused when it comes to skin care products. Every brand keeps claiming that they are the best. But Jiore is actually proving that it is the best brand when it comes to skincare. The brand Jiore was launched by Jhansi Rani Vedachalam.Jhansi Rani used to work for corporations like Microsoft, Worldbank IBRD and few other corporations.She decided to leave her job and started studying cosmetology in Atlanta, USA. Her parents were not happy with her decision but she wasn’t going to let anything stop her from doing what she wanted to do.

She started with the first few soaps which she formulated by using natural ingredients. She used chrysanthemum and lemongrass oil to treat her own acne. She kept working on her products and one day she finally developed the glass skin combo. She used her own products and it helped her skin. Her skin got better in six months and that’s when she decided to make more products for people by using natural ingredients. After developing products she started promoting her brand on Facebook and Instagram by creating page i.e. @Jiore.official. They also have their own website which is through which they try to reach out to as many people as possible. At this stage she has managed to take over the traditional industries with her innovative ideas. She formulates all the product by keeping in mind that people prioritize quality.

Jiore is now one of the leading cosmetic brand in India.The brand is followed by more than 500k people. The brand is also focusing on skincare, haircare and sun protection.This would have not been possible without efforts and dedication. Jhansi Rani has decided to develop eco friendly packaging for her products. Skin issues which are caused by hormones or pollution tops the youth’s problem list. Jiore makes sure to boost their self esteem and always encourages youth to prefer healthy skin care routine over makeup or steroids.Jiore brand also supports women empowerment. Over eighty percent employees of this brand are women.

Jiore offers flexible hours so that they can whenever it is convenient to them. Jiore is also ready to help those women who want to start up something of their own in e-commerce space. Jiore makes sure that women don’t have to choose between personal and professional life. It helps women to be financially independent.The brand is now expecting a better success rate since it has been getting an amazing response from its customers.The brand is a gender neutral brand which consists of soaps, toners, serums and various other creams.They plan to improve their products from the constructive feedback they get and they also plan to reach out to entrepreneurs who have skills but no resources.They are also in the process of finalizing dealers in northern Indian state and in the next two years they plan to expand to 100 outlets in PAN India.Jhansi Rani has achieved her goals because of her dedication.

Her journey inspires many people and we hope that the youth will learn from her journey and work hard for their own dreams.

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