TC1 Gel is Inspiring People To Take Back Their Health

TC1 (@tc1gel) started as a team of people, led by James Cork, helping fitness companies market their products. They have now grown into a full-fledged fitness brand of their own, helping people from all over the globe take their health into their own hands.

Although James and his team had extensive marketing experience before starting TC1, building their own brand was no walk in the park. Before getting to the marketing part, they had to build a company that was worthy of marketing. This meant building a team, creating a line of products, and branding the company in the right way. It was not easy.

According to James, the most difficult part of starting a brand in the fitness industry was trying to keep up with market trends. The fitness industry is always changing. Every year there are new trends in an industry that brought us the Fitbit, the shake weight, the TRX system and so much more. Nutrition has evolved as well, with a new diet or nutrition plan coming out seemingly every month.

But in a market dominated by trends and fads, James wanted to build something different. He wanted to build a company that focused on passion over all else. Specifically, he wanted to get people passionate about working out so they never lost motivation. James believes the best workout anyone can do is the one they never tire of. He sees the issue with some of these fad products and contraptions as focusing on the wrong things.

For James, his goal was not to build a product that made it easier to work out. His goal was to build a product that enhanced whatever workout you decided to do. This is when he got the idea for his brand’s banner product, the Sweat Ignition Gel.

The Sweat Ignition Gel is an extremely simple product that does one thing extremely well: it helps you sweat. All you have to do is apply the product to your core twenty minutes before working out. The gel will heat up your midsection in order to help you sweat more and keeps your muscles warm, so you can put in that extra effort to get the most out of your workout. In this way, James has allowed his customers to get even better results out of their favorite workouts, making it even more likely they will return again and again.

The success of their product is apparent when you take a look at their Instagram. It’s filled with passionate people from all walks of life who are simply excited about getting back in shape.

James hopes to continue the success of his brand by doubling down on what works best. They hope to one day lead the fitness enhancement and supplement industry in sales, and it’s not hard to imagine they will.

James hopes to stick to what works as much as possible, without venturing off the deep end when it comes to new products. In the past, he admits that they have been hurt by trying to get too creative with products, instead of sticking with what works. 

James says that he has no plans for retirement, and he believes that this company will always be a part of his life. He hopes to one day leave behind a legacy that speaks to his commitment to inspiring people to take back their health. 

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