Taurus Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

During this time, those of the Taurus sun sign may get entangled in a serious and compatible relationship. This bond might happen in the vicinity. Suggestive signals may be traded and approved. This couple may then meet at a suitable spot, where they might reveal their warm feelings towards each other. At this point, the couple might want to take the relationship to the next level and perpetrate by getting married. This may allow them to encounter the pleasure of physical intimacy. During this time, your social circle might unfold, and you may get to spend time with near and dear ones.

Education and Knowledge

This may be a favorable time for Taurus students, as planetary changes may assist their efforts. These students may find an increase in retention and understanding-power. They might do well to remain focused on academics, and put in long hours into their books, as this might materialize into sure and constant progress. For post-graduates, this might be a good time to seek a part-time job, and start making some income from the side. The money that they might earn on the side, may help these postgraduates pay their education fees, and also help them with trivial expenses. For kids pursuing higher education, giving sufficient time to their studies may be effective in order to achieve their goals.


During this time, your health may be at its height. Beware though, as the impact of Mars may create the probability of an unforeseen injury. Be aware of circumstances that can put you in a spot. This week may be smooth on the health front, except for a petty issue with your respiratory system. You may bypass this by staying away from densely polluted places. Stay away from places with poor air quality. If you face even the slightest problem in breathing, do not delay in seeking medical consideration, and take corrective action.

Money and finances

During this period, the Taurus sign may have a prosperous financial windfall. The stars predict a steady income flow. With this sum, you may not only be able to save considerably but also have sufficient spending money for the leisure you always wanted. You may build your home comfortably, the way you always wanted. However, be careful. Don’t spend wantonly, as unwarranted savings may hinder your financial position.

Career and Business

During this period, Taurus’ business partners may be kept busy by two major planets moving through the tenth house. They may feel overworked on one hand, but they may need to learn to be steady. Businessmen may find that their hard work isn’t returning. They should not get discouraged. Businessmen may need to focus on their business without thinking of finishing goals. For people who own producing unit, now may be a good time to look out for integration in order to make their product more affordable. People working day jobs might find themselves under pressure from their bosses to adhere to stringent time limits and provide more output. These salaried people may need to put in the best of their forces.

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