Taurus Weekly Horoscope 31st May – 6th June, 2020

Love and Relationships

Glass is half full for lovers in this period. Happy moments will be opposed by some sourness in the relationship. You would see some issues sneak in silently from time to time. Panicking is only going to make things worse. You need to discuss the problems calmly. Be polite and attentive towards your spouse or lover. It is not profitable to doubt your partner on the implications of an outsider. Things shall get pleasant at the end of the week. You both shall get closer. There will be enough opportunities to see each other.

Education and Knowledge

The week is going to be particularly rewarding for students in college and school. They will get the coveted results. They are going to clear exams or tests with flying colours and make their parents proud. But this will require unfailing hard work. The devotion and commitment to studies will be exemplary, especially in the beginning of the week. To clear doubts and questions, taking the aid of classmates is a bright idea. Furthermore, teachers are always available to answer any questions that students may have. Students planning for board examinations shall get satisfactory results provided they do not compromise in efforts.


Your health would not be at its peak at this period. Have a healthy diet that includes eating sufficient fruits and leafy vegetables and curtailing junk food. You might feel weak and low in energy. There could be tension or stress. This can lead to psychological suffering. When the week ensues, you shall be fit as a fiddle. Brace yourself for a tarnish in your well-being with a bout of stomach infection, headache or fever imminent. Keeping dinner light and avoiding oily as well as spicy food will go a long way in keeping you healthy.

Money and Finances

It is foreseen that your economic health shall be above average this week. On one hand, your income will go up while on the other, there would be a near proportionate rise in expenses. You need to reign in your debts. If you do not become careful in your spending, the situation may get catastrophic monetarily. Nevertheless, the overall inflow of money in your family will see growth. You shall discover new sources of income around the mid of the week. If you are entangled in a court case related to property, rest assured, you shall get favourable outcome.

Career and Businesses

At the onset of the week you may face some unnerving issues. These problems will warn your career. Be prepared to face unevenness in your career. Several ups and downs are anticipated. To prevail over these tribulations, exert yourself to the maximum possible limit. It is predicted that you shall be highly inspired to grow swiftly. Although you would have a consistent focus on your career and work, it is expected that the results would not be satisfactory or timely.

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