Taurus Weekly Horoscope 24th – 30th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

Unmarried people in love with a member of opposite sex shall grow doubtful about the lover’s dedication and honesty in the relationship. There is a need to reignite the spark in the relationship and bring back the passion, romance, love, joy and warmth. A cozy trip is on the cards which will give both of you some private time alone. It is predicted that there is a chance to make new acquaintances. This will carry on further and some new relationships shall form. Do not trust a newly made friend.

Education and Knowledge

The holidays after exams are probably one of the most mirthful times for a learner. During this break, youngsters like to partake in activities they usually don’t get time for in the regular academic term. This could include sport, hobby, partying, touring or simply relaxing and catching up on the lost sleep. But now that the new academic term is knocking on the door, students should get into the right zone. For example, college students in last year of their degree should study new topics beforehand. They are foreseen to be in high spirits. Students in post graduate degrees could receive assistance from seniors.


Planetary positions reflect that there could be ailments in your respiratory system. Viewing this, it is best if you avoid going to a place which has severe air pollution. In case you don’t get cured soon or the problem worsens, you should see a specialist. People with diabetes need to be mindful of what they eat. It is a must to follow the diet given by the doctor. The best way to keep things in check and not let any issue snowball, you must get consistent health checkups. You could have irritation in the left eye. Get it checked by an ophthalmologist.

Money and Finances

The planets are transitioning which would make you eager to pick up your cash inflow. But in order to expand your wealth, you should not get too excited or indulge in risky financial decisions. You have to abstain from decisions involving speculation. It would be better if you make a well-thought-out and smart decision for the same purpose, even if the resulting income is not outrageously fantastic. Family expenses shall increase. It is predicted that no worrisome expenses will happen. So, your savings shall boost.

Career and Business

The position of the planets is such that a huge deal shall not get confirmed just yet. There would be delays but the outcome would bring you happiness. You need not get sad immediately and make sure you keep your spirits up. Something big is coming up for your company. There would be new obstacles along with new opportunities. Salaried employees will feel a little uncertain about their status in the firm. Your best and most passionate efforts could fail to bring you appropriate rewards. Moreover, there would be an extreme pressure from the boss, keeping you overwhelmed.

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