Taurus Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd May, 2020


Love and Relationships

Those who aren’t wedded yet are going to face pressure and persuasion from their partners to settle down. It will be expected from them that they either wed the person the family has chosen or if they are dating someone, they should reveal that partner’s identity. Single people are going to choose their newly found love. It would be best if they don’t depend too soon on someone they have just formed a bond with. Also, be cautious in a new relationship. It is recommended to avoid any financial deals or conversations with comparatively unknown people. Fun time with family is on the cards.

Education and Knowledge

Students would be enjoying, considering they are on a break from school. Ganesha advises students to make short notes to memorise academic concepts. They can also refer to them in the future. This will help them in revising topics easily. This certainly calls for academic progress. Children pursuing higher studies might be tempted to earn quick money. They may even want to stop studying more. The present position of planets is not in favour of them and does not align with their requirement of completing education.


You could face health issues regarding your respiratory system. Hence, to keep up with your health, it is recommended to avoid going to a place with excessive air pollution. If the problem worsens, visit a doctor without any delays. You should see a pulmonologist and follow his or her advice. You may have an injury in the weekend. So you should be careful. Diabetic patients should stick to a healthy diet and in no case should they eat junk/sweet food. They should definitely avoid eating sweets and soft drinks. Be regular with the doctor.

Money and Finance

It can be predicted from the movement of heavenly bodies according to your sun sign that you are to grow financially here. This shall boost your spirits, and you are expected to have a high morale. Expenses concerning your family are expected to swell. Also, you are likely to spend money on comfort and merriment. It seems unlikely from the planetary positions that you would have to experience any significant expenses. In turn, you are going to save a lot. A healthy and relaxed position is expected.

Career and Business

Two important planets are moving through crucial houses of the lunar mansion in retrograde. Due to this, business owners are recommended to increase their efforts two fold and be very organised. This is the time to be patient. Results of actions will be tough to see this week. It is seen that salaried employees will have a lot of stress. They will have to bear pressure from seniors to work even harder. They will have to produce a good result and do it fast – forces will not work in your favour.

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