Taurus Weekly Horoscope 10th – 16th May, 2020


Love and Relationships

Unmarried couples will face friction in their relationship this week over one reason or another. This shall get heightened to the point that he or she shall bring the relationship to an unexpected and ugly conclusion. That person will make up the mind to settle down with the person chosen by the family. Married men and women are foretold to have an enjoyable and stimulating time with their life partners. On the family front, some sort of confusion seems likely to crop up. Do not speak harshly as this may cause long term harm to your relationships. Learn to let go of unnecessary things and not turn them into an ego scuffle.

Education and Knowledge

An explosion in the family is going to divert undergraduates from their academic work. They won’t be able to focus at home. They are recommended to go to a library or other such a peaceful place to be able to focus on their work. They need to take their course work accurately. Postgraduate learners are likely to receive a few handy tips from their professors. These vital tips shall enable them to learn productively. It is indicated by the planetary movement that they shall proceed unhindered in their academics.


The movement of celestial bodies indicates that you may have some concerns with your respiratory system. It would be wise to abstain from going to places assumed of having high air pollution levels. Should any issue develop in your respiratory tract, seek medical attention promptly. Take medicines and follow medical advice. Besides this, no other health problem shall affect you. Middle-aged people and veterans may see an old health concern show up. You can take care of it by strictly adhering to the dietary instructions of a medical professional. This should keep you safe from further complications.

Money and Finances

Your stars show that you may make minor addition in your income. Your money will remain as it is, and no financial reward is indicated. It seems your family-related obligations shall swell. This isn’t a very opportune time to come up with any decision with long-lasting repercussions. Ganesha advises you to not deviate from the path of righteousness and not end up in the wrong side of the law. Other than this, you shall be able to manage all diverse expenses without any botheration. In overview, you will be conveniently placed in all finance-related matters.

Career and Business

Entrepreneurs should keep exercising in their work tirelessly. This is important for getting the wanted outcome in the form of sales. Your efforts shall not bear fruit. You need to stay patient. You need to get through this slightly uncertain phase with flexibility. Also, this isn’t the best of times to make any big decision about finances. But don’t worry; your regular work should go on smoothly. Employees shall be pressured by their bosses to offer faster and greater results. But this will not happen. The work output of the employees will remain less than wanted because of one restriction or another.

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