Smash Limiting Beliefs with Brigitte Tritt


Did you know your patterns and habits in life come from your subconscious?

Certified rapid transformational mindset coach Brigitte Tritt is a wellness entrepreneur who can help you shift your subconscious mind patterns and habits and transform your life. A rare combination of therapist and life coach, her solutions-based coaching program focuses on goals and outcomes—and gets results. Her company, BEmpowered Thoughts, has become a go-to resource for men and women around the globe.

Brigitte has worked with industry leaders Bob Proctor, Marisa Peer, Raymond Aaron, Marcia Martin, Jack Canfield and many more. She also has a long history using restorative yoga and therapeutics for pain care. Her ultimate goal is for everyone to have personal empowerment; Brigitte believes the world is a better place when you are practicing self-love daily and hopes to awaken other entrepreneurs and professionals so they too can empower themselves and others.

Her proven techniques help you become aware of the things really holding you back, the things that are creating blocks and barriers in your life. With this new information, she helps you dissolve these blocks and begin to create powerful NEW beliefs and rewire the deepest part of your mind. You are finally free to live the life you have always wanted and your world can become limitless.

With this new understanding and confidence, you begin to immediately:

  • Have clarity and focus in all areas of your life
  • Fast track your success
  • Increase profits, prosperity and financial freedom
  • Have more intimate relationships and meaningful connections 
  • Experience more fun and adventures
  • Start living the life you are being called for

Brigitte’s upcoming book, #SelfLoveMicrosteps, touches on some of the techniques she practices in her one-on-one and group coaching sessions. #SelfLoveMicrosteps will be available through Amazon in mid-June 2020. The book teaches people to focus on reducing stress, reclaiming your power and creating more ease and joy. The book also highlights self-awareness, self-forgiveness, positive self-talk, gratitude, meditation and more. 

Brigitte is a passionate and inspirational voice, supporting her clients on their journey to more self-love, healing and wellness. Check out her online courses and recordings (coming soon) for empowering new beliefs to help you create the dream life you have always desired. 

Brigitte’s skills to increase self-awareness and help others begin to live in their purpose are more timely now than ever before. With the rapid changing world and including increased distractions, people craving validation from the outside world and more internal stress and struggles, now is an excellent time to finally breakthrough to your true authentic self. She is an industry leader and has diverse programs and content for her clients to create long-lasting, positive life changes.

Make your subconscious mind your best friend and learn to create powerful NEW beliefs! Change your life with Brigitte Tritt today! Visit and Book a Discovery Call.

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