Shout for Help, A Unique Philanthropic Issue Resolution Platform Invites Experts For Registration Before Launching


Shout For Help is a free-of-cost platform for distressed people, experts from various fields such as healthcare, finance, legal, and education would counsel & support them to get back on track

Hyderabad, 29th May 2020: SFH appoints 4 seasoned professionals to its Advisory Board experts can register themselves for philanthropic work on SFH platform

Headquartered at Hyderabad, LK Foundation Trust, today announced that it is inviting experts to come onboard to ‘Shout for Help” (SFH), a first of its kind state-of-the-art technological platform. The experts from various fields can join as  advisors to help the needy and distressed individuals by providing timely assistance, counselling and support to Shout for Help will provide help in the matters of healthcare, finance, legal issues, and education free of any charges on their website. Strengthening its Board of Advisors, SFH has appointed 4 professionals – Mr. Shailesh J. Shah, Mr Subba Rao Jayanthi, Mr Vikram Shenoy and Ms. Srivalli Krishnan Iyer who are experts in the fields of Finance, IT & Strategy, Operational Excellence, Process Planning & Social Sector.

Shout for Help has been conceived as a free-of-cost platform where domain experts, engaged voluntarily free-of-charge, with the help-seekers as part of a ‘give back’ initiative where they contribute their time and skill to this philanthropic cause. The vision of SFH is to create a world of hope and social justice where poverty has been overcome and all people live with honor and dignity. SFH will launch its platform in next 4 weeks to distressed individuals whose lives, career, and education is affected by the COVID-19 crisis thus many people can benefit immensely from this give back initiative. This is a sincere effort by SFH to bring the ‘Giving Back’ movement by philanthropic experts to help-seekers who need their support.

Speaking on the occasion, Founder and Managing Trustee, Mr. Abhiram Kandoor said, “Every individual faces ups and downs in their lives, and what is needed in the downturns one faces- is a helping hand in time. Bad times or down-turns can be on account of issues relating to health, financial matters, legal tangles, or educational angles. They face hardships due to lack of timely advice, guidance, and support from the right person at the right time. This often leads vulnerable individuals to make harsh decisions with unpleasant consequences. With this objective we have launched Shout for Help to enable the distressed individuals to overcome hardships in life by connecting them to the field experts without any monetary involvement. We are glad that eminent experts have joined us as advisors in our endeavour.

Mr Kandoor’s belief is – giving back to society is the responsibility of every citizen, in whichever way possible.  It cannot be half-hearted or a post-retirement thing to do.  Disconnect or persistent dependency in society will never be able to afford progress for all its members. An interconnected society will create a strong fabric for a nation’s true upliftment – where every individual progress.

With this viewpoint of SFH aims to extend a helping hand to help-seekers during their time of crisis. SFH endeavours to foster and promote familial and societal well-being by supporting the advancement of those facing adversity or emotional trauma. SFH endeavours to bring Philanthropic Experts such as Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, Teachers, Social Service Providers, Intelligentsia, Policy Makers, NGOs, etc. and Help Seekers on to one common platform to identify and resolve issues, thereby creating a progressive, peaceful, and content society.

SFH has recently launched its portal for registration of Philanthropic Experts on its platform on a pan-India basis and has garnered significant interest and participation from professional experts in ‘giving back’ to the society. In its initial phase, SFH has onboarded over 300 experts in various fields with the passion of giving back to society.

SFH has sought to gain from the experience and expertise of professionals with extensive experience in multiple areas. SFH proudly announces the formation of its first Board of Advisors on 15 May 2020 with Mr. Shailesh F Shah, Mr Subba Rao Jayanthi, Mr Vikram Shenoy & Ms Srivalli Krishnan Iyer. The engagement of all advisors is philanthropic in nature.

Brief details of the Board of Advisors 

Shailesh F Shah has worked in management consulting, investment banking advisory, leading large organisations in technology, energy, metals, mining, etc across all habited continents over the past 35 years. Mr Shah’s ability to mentor individuals and get organisations to practically take things forward has helped many organisations he has worked with. Seeing the perpetual usefulness of the SFH platform, Mr. Shah decided to join and both, continuously help distressed individuals while building robustness into the platform so that the initiative becomes a movement in time.

Subba Rao Jayanti, known as Jay, is a thought leader in the development of strategic plans and growth marketing strategies for various organizations over the last two decades. He has in-depth expertise in supporting business and organizational goals and development. Characterized as a strategist and tactician, he has been a great motivator, mentor and has successfully built teams of knowledge professionals across organizations. Jay received recognition as a results-oriented leader with considerable experience in this dynamic, fast-changing Information technology sector. Jay brings immense experience with a blend of both technology and innovation with MS in Operations Research & Statistics with Information Sciences. He also holds executive course in Strategic Management from IIM, India.

Mr. Vikram Shenoy Vikram brings with him 20 years of experience in diverse industries, spanning from professional firms to very large public sector enterprises. He has extensive experience in operational planning, intervention design, pathfinder fundraising as well as traditional roles in finance, accounting, processes, systems, and team management. Vikram closely relates to SFH’s cause- having himself faced disruptions in studies and early career and having later mentored his young team in similar issues. He believes SFH to offer a unique channel that can help many more individuals than one expert can alone reach out to.

Ms. Srivalli Krishnan Iyer is an expert with experience in creating impactful results at grass root level in India and Africa with over 20 years of experience. She successfully designed and delivered various projects of UNDPI and the World Bank. A former entrepreneur, Ms. Iyer also worked for Child Rights and You (CRY) for creating new and fundraising partnerships.

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