Sex Toy Sales Are Booming During COVID-19

According to a statement by the New York Department of Health, “the safest sex partner to have during COVID-19 is yourself.”

It looks like many people are already on that wave. During this COVID-19 pandemic, not every business went down the drain (although some businesses are down).

A number of businesses have risen sporadically. One of them is the sex toy industry. With many people at home, either alone or with a partner, it’s not rocket science to understand what they probably feel the urge to do (hint, it’s not playing Parcheesi). It’s the urge for sex!

Nonetheless, several reports have confirmed that sales of sex toys, including sex dolls, have skyrocketed since schools and workplaces have been closed, and everyone has been stuck at home.

For example, the Guardian reported that there had been triple sales in sex toys since JacindaArdern, New Zealand prime minister, announced a one-month lockdown.

In a similar development, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared the closure of schools and workforces, the United Kingdom also experienced a swell in sex toy sales.

Sales of sex toys, including sex dolls, have experienced a buzzing in Colombia and Denmark as well.

Then here comes the good ole’ Tracy’s Dog. Located in the U.S.A, the company that does not sell dogs but sex toys, relayed a surprising increase in sales.

There are a large number of sex doll manufacturers in China, and according to information from the famous sex doll seller Kanadoll, their sex doll sales have also started to grow. Kanadoll mainly sells sex dolls in Japan and the United States, but the United States has shown more obvious demand growth. In case you haven’t made a connection, sex toys are quite helpful in assisting with masturbation or sex with a partner.

People do not purchase vibrators to make smoothies from fruits while practicing social distancing. Sex toys are like a bicycle or perhaps, a motorbike. They can help you reach your destination on time. And if your destination seems really, really, far away, these toys could help you get there on time.

Why should sales of sex toys and sex dolls go up during COVID-19?

After all, sex toys are not like toilet papers. While many people are hoarding large rolls of toilet paper, using sex toys and dolls may get insanely weird. Plus, if we are all discarding sex toys just as we do with toilet papers, then something is wrong. Something weirdly wrong!

Staying at home can gruesomely affect your sleep-wake cycle. Additionally, the lack of work commute and regular activities that occupy your time could affect your schedule. Sexual activities can assist you with any of these. It can help you pass the time, at least, for some minutes, or longer. It can help with the stimulation of hormones like dopamine, fondly called, “happiness hormone,” oxytocin (the love hormone), and endorphins, ‘natural pain reliever” Sounds great, right?

But when it comes to having sexual relations with someone else, there’s one problem! You need someone else. As long as anyone who harbors the fear of using sex dolls, wash them neatly with water and scented soap, especially before and after use- staying relaxed and entertained with sex dolls and butt plugs is not a bad idea.

However, sex toys can help with the sex-with-a-partner at a distance policy in any way. If you’re to be six feet apart from your partner, sex toys could be your ‘ambassador’ here.

Have you ever heard of distance learning? Well, what’s happening today is distance ‘sex.’ Thus, it is no surprise that sales of sex toys have skyrocket.

Finally, We are not surprised by the way Google searches for the term ‘buy sex dolls” have jumped, as reported by an article on ‘The Mirror.’

The COVID-19 situation is unfavorable for many, and everyone hopes the harmful virus will be over soon.

With all the social distancing rules here and there, dating and sex are two surefire ways to encourage these rules. Whether your quarantine partner is you or someone else, there’s no denying that this is an excellent time to introduce sex dolls or hone a Rockin collection of lovely vibrators.

While it’s not totally productive, may not help you develop abs, sex toys will make you feel better. Plus, it encourages you to stay the hell at home. Be sure that the sex toys and sex doll you use have gone through rigorous testing and safe for use. After all, you don’t want to toy with your genitals.

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