Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th May, 2020


Love and Relationships

This week, you might meet an old youthful crush. This might be an accidental meeting, but both of you might feel joyous in seeing each other. This might not just be a coincidence encounter, and both may make plans to see each other again, with things maybe growing cozy between them the second time. This might develop into a prolific relationship. One’s social circle might grow during this period, according to planetary movements. You might do well to practice caution before trusting a new partner or a friend. Give a bond time to mature. You might be challenged with a family dispute. It might be better to stay patient during this period.

Education and Knowledge

During this time, undergraduates might see themselves involved in social activities, for the majority of their time. This may have an effect on their studies, and they might fall behind their rivals. This may be a call for better time supervision. Students might need to give sufficient time to their academics. Teenagers in the last phase of schooling might have an inclination to study abroad. They may be victorious, thanks to planetary movements. However, these students may need to have a full focus on academics and have a stellar school record, to fulfill their aspirations of studying abroad.


For this week, Scorpios might do well to take care of their digestive system. There might be some trouble in case of such an issue. If the problem continues, visit a doctor and take all necessary medical precautions. Also, get entangled in physical exercise. This might help you stay fit and healthy. People in the middle age may encounter some muscle and joint pain. All they may need to do is to take actions to tackle such pain efficiently, to avoid additional issues.

Money and Finances

The Scorpio this week might have a passion to take a calculated risk. This might be the right time to do so, and you may face success, as indicated by planetary movements. There may be an accretion in family and household-related expenses. However, do not lose sleep over this, as everything may be under your command. Furthermore, there might not be any unexpected financial drain. So, you might be able to stick to your budget. However, you might not be able to save. Overall, things on the financial front may be satisfactory.

Career and Businesses

During this period, planets in development reflect that economic growth might thrive. At the onset of the week, you might be able to take home a pleasant deal. However, this might be just the inception and in time, you might be able to strike an even more profitable deal. However, keep your values in place. Do not do so, as the law may catch up with you. Job holders might see their focus on potency increase. However, this work might not see outcomes just yet.

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