Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd May, 2020

Love and Relationships

If you are single, then you should be ready to meet your teen crush at a social event. You both shall develop a favourable view of each other. A rendez-vous will be fixed. Soon, your feelings will increase, and both will express their intense affection for one another. Couples in love shall have a merry time. Auspicious position of planets will lead you to meet new people. You will be inclined to form deep bonds. But it is recommended not to trust a person you don’t know too well. This can have terrible outcomes. Planetary positions are not apt for forming new relationships.

Education and Knowledge

Students in crucial years of college are advised to utilise the break very well by studying topics that would be covered in the new semester. It is likely that they would make satisfactory progress in grades. They may not want to study due to the holiday time but it would be advisable to seek part-time employment.


You are expected to have good physical and mental health this week. Middle-aged people may see an old health issue return to bother them. They, along with older people, could have problems related to pain in joints and muscles. You should take due remedial action to cure the pain. Influence of Mars over sun can lead to a sudden injury. You should be cautious in this regard. Fluctuation in blood pressure can be taken care of by reducing the consumption of salt. It is recommended that you keep an eye on any variations. Also, go for timely health checkups.

Money and Finance

An old investment will bear results, and a large sum of money can be expected. This is going to bring you much happiness. However, it can be gauged from the positions of planets that the time is not ripe to make any new investments. The inflow of money is set to expand. There will be no unforeseen expenses. Due to this, you shall save money well. Saving money is necessary in order to stay prepared to handle any emergency in future. Because of all these factors, you will be in a financially stable position.

Career and Business

Businessmen will be elated at getting a new order from a highly valued client. Besides this, no other major deal is likely to come their way. It is predicted that people in business shall want to explore new avenues for their sales in order to boost their revenues. The salaried employees will wish to get promoted and get a financial increment. They are recommended to be courteous, industrious and strive to increase their productivity along with results. They may not get their promotion just yet, as seniors could put it on hold.

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