Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 10th – 16th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

It is shown that the unwed shall cross paths with a teenage crush at a social function. Both shall be elated at this chance meeting. Hoping to take things further, that person shall try to make adjustments so they both can meet again and recollect about school days. This will happen. However, the near future doesn’t see the forming of any new tender relationship. On another note, it seems you may develop some troublesome issue with a person you are close to. In such a tense situation, the objective should be to fix the issue calmly and peacefully. At no cost should you intensify the tender condition of your bond.

Education and Knowledge

College goers are possibly on a break from their scholarly races. As is natural of youngsters, they would be occupied by socializing and relaxing. But those in the final year of their college year should spend their time constructively. Candidates of a foreign education for post-graduation shall have to live with a local university. The heavenly bodies shall hinder their dreams from turning into reality.


Physically and mentally, you shall remain calm. But this doesn’t rule out any small, annoying issues. The best advice for you here is to take prompt action in this regard. It is not ideal to delay going to the respective doctor as it can worsen your health. Follow the guidance and direction of the medical professional to perfection. For diabetes patients, it is prudent to avoid consumption of food that is detrimental to the condition. Sticking to the diet provided by the concerned practitioner is a near-flawless way to keep health obstacles at bay. And as is customary for all such patients, undergo a regular check-up.

Money and Finances

It appears from the dance of heavenly spheres that you are inclined to take a well-calculated and deeply thought out risk. Although bold, the negative influence of the aforementioned planets shall not get you handsome reward. You shouldn’t see this as a setback. Remember, failure is an opportunity to begin anew. This time, more carefully. But the regular inflow of money shall continue unfettered. Your routine and accidental expenses shall be of no concern to you this week. Furthermore, any other significant outflow of money seems doubtful. Due to all this, your savings will become distended.

Career and Business

The planetary movement is such that business owners will have to keep firing on all cylinders to attain targets. What is more, this time duration shall not see a lot of gains. If you are a business owner, you should have patience and not get bogged down by this temporary phase. But all is not bleak as striking some deals shall keep your hopes up. You should remain optimistic about prospects. The progressive forces are not in favour of working professionals. They would have to work beyond office hours to finish their work in stipulated time duration.

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