Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 24th – 30th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

Those in a bond are to catch some physical intimacy which will be mutually sympathetic. But efforts to maintain privacy shall not materialize and, their confidence will be hindered. Those in the bonds of matrimony will face family-related issues and house-hold problems. Despite planting the efforts of stepping into your life-partner’s shoes, things may not drastically improve. The family-related issues should not be looked down upon. Instead, efforts should be made to resolve them harmoniously.

Education and Knowledge

Ambiguity lurks over students in the middle of graduation. Interest will be lost, and random thoughts of abandoning academics will cross their minds. They will yearn for earning opportunities, but it will take time to land on the doorstep of a suitable employer. Those pursuing higher education are likely to make things official with their respective partners. All this transformation on the personal front will make the student lose focus, and it is likely to affect their studies.


Indigestion or slow digestion might become dangerous. Late dinners must be avoided. You are advised to engage in physical exercise, either by going to the gym or by going for a long walk. This will help in getting rid of slow digestion and keeping one healthy throughout the day. Moreover, some respiratory issue might bother a Sagittarius. It will be sensible if one visits the physician before the trouble gets out of hands and then follow the doctor’s orders. Breathing issues could become a cause for concern. Hence it is advised to stay proactive in such pharmaceutical matters.

Money and Finance

The ringed planet- Saturn rules the second house, which is linked with wealth. It also holds authority over the third house. Though currently it is in recessive mode and is shifting through the third house, risking any steps to increase the inflow of money will have adverse repercussions. However, the high probability of a marginal rise in income is predicted. The retrograde Saturn moving through the third house will have reverberations around the twelfth house as well. This will impact expenses and monetary losses. Keeping these indications in mind, one needs to stay alarmed for any emergent expenses.

Career and Business

Planets present a not so comfortable period for businessmen. Although sincere efforts might not give coveted outcomes, churning should not be brought to a halt. Some hindrance is indicated in delivering responsibilities timely. Similar will be the flow of winds in working professional’s routine. It will be burdensome for them to deliver efficiently within the given time frame. This will lower their spirits. Also, the reformist forces will not flow along the comparable tangents.

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