Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd May, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles are likely to develop lot of love for a member of the opposite sex who has come to live close-by. Steps taken by the person to attract the new neighbour shall be met with a positive reply. A date is on the cards, and that could be the beginning of an eventful love story. Those who are married, you may face issues with your spouse this week. It is recommended that an outing be planned with the partner. This could go a long way in rekindling the lost spark. A family issue may erupt.

Education and Knowledge

All students are going to be in a fun mood. Since this is a break from studies and school, they will want to spend time with their family and have a merry time. Students in tertiary education are predicted to form an inclination to forgo their education midway. They may look for a chance to earn money by looking for a job. Students in higher years of schooling may have a wish to marry their newfound lover. Obviously, these strong feelings would keep their focus away from studies.


As far as physical health is concerned, planets suggest a problem with the lungs. Bearing this in mind, it is advised to stay away from places with high air pollution. In case the problem aggravates, visit a pulmonologist and follow the necessary treatment. As Mars is affecting the sun and Venus is transitioning in a retrograde manner, an unprecedented injury could occur. Thus, take due care in this regard. It is necessary to stay fit and healthy. You can keep your health at the peak by exercising everyday. Doing light exercises at home will suffice.

Money and Finance

The movement of planets indicate that you be determined and work harder. Only by increasing efforts shall you be able to see a boost in your income. This is not the favourable time to take risks. Also, be aware of dire consequences if you form a tendency to steer from moral and ethical practices. This desire to boost your sales will be futile. Counterproductive effect of Saturn on the twelfth house of the lunar mansion might increase expenditure. Spend money judiciously and set your priorities clear. Overall, you shall not face any deficiency in money.

Career and Business

This time calls upon businessmen to exert themselves and double the hard-work in order to earn decent sales. They are advised to take a well-calculated risk to achieve their goals. It seems they could face an obstacle in delivering goods/material as ordered. They are advised to keep enough stock so they can make the delivery to the concerned client. Employees shall not be able to focus on the task at hand due to several distractions. But no need to panic as the positive power of giant Jupiter will keep his or her position in office, secure.

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