Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 10th – 16th May, 2020


Love and Relationships

If you are an eligible and single boy or girl, then your life is set to get interesting. You shall soon find yourself hit by a member of the opposite gender who has moved into the district recently. Your suggestive gestures to woo your person of matter shall receive the response you were praying for. All would seem bright at this juncture; however, a restraint of one form or another shall prevent the two of you from meeting. Those in the bond of holy matrimony shall find their life partner distant and almost indifferent. A dinner outing can help here. This dinner diplomacy should work like a charm and rekindle the flickering fire.

Education and Knowledge

Students who are done with their school education and are pursuing further studies are to come across an alluring opportunity to earn money. And since they are on their holidays, such opportunities may seem tantalizing. It is predicted that higher education students are to be busy overcoming an overwhelming crisis. This untoward event will keep them away from their scholarly pursuits.


You may not have to face any concerns related to your physical and mental well being. In the unlikely event that you fall prey to some minor event, you shall recover in a jiffy. This will keep you fit and healthy in the long run. Adults in middle age group and seniors may find some botherations in the form of irregularity in blood pressure. Those who have diabetes should unfailingly adhere to the dietary instruction given to them by a dietician. Go for regular health checkups.

Money and Finances

On the financial front, you are to remain pretty much untouched. Your earnings will be as usual and will come steadily. It is shown by the transition of planets that some unforeseen outflow of money is to crop up. Ever since one starts making money, he or she is advised by the well-wishers and experienced lot to accumulate a good amount of rupees for a rainy day. Exigency can happen to the best of us, but only those who plan beforehand prevail. Besides this, all expenses linked to your immediate family are set for a rise. Despite this, you can manage all this expenditure without breaking a sweat.

Career and Business

Two major planets have aspects over the tenth house, which is linked with occupation. This means the entrepreneurs shall be busy hunting and connecting with customers who can get them high worth deals. It is also indicated that a promising deal is in the offing. However, the powers responsible shall undermine this opportunity. The people committed to this should keep their chin up and not look haggard. If you are on a payroll, then this week has a grim forecast for you. You shall have to toil at your work fruitlessly. But don’t be dishearten, this time shall pass.

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