Practice Social Distancing with These Online Entertainment Options

As the new reality of living under quarantine is setting in, people are trying to find ways to stay entertained. There are only so many board games to play, television shows to watch and puzzles to put together before you start to go stir crazy! Social distancing is key to avoiding the coronavirus, but what can you do to stay busy? If you have internet access, there are plenty of ways you can keep your mind busy and enjoy time at home. Check out a few options below, including ways to connect with friends and family!


Feeling connected to others is important when you are by yourself during quarantine or only around a few family members inside the home. One way people are staying connected is Tik Tok. This app allows people to share whatever they like, from being silly and dancing to playing games or just video chatting.

People upload a ton of content to TikTok and you can easily become immersed in what people from around the world are doing during the quarantine. Set up an account, look for friends and family as well as follow new people for hours of entertainment. Log in each day to see what your favorite TikTok posters are up to and find new people to follow based on hashtags or subject matter.

Virtual Tours

If you like to travel, you may be missing out on an upcoming summer vacation or weekend getaway you had planned. Even though you can’t go anywhere right now, you can still play tourist. Many popular tourist attractions are offering virtual tours online. Take the Guggenheim Museum for example. This New York landmark is using Google’s Street View to provide an inside look. View the museum’s famous spiral staircase and then move on to discover lovely works of art from the Impressionist, Contemporary and Modern eras.

Fancy a trip to Paris? The Musée d’Orsay is offering a virtual walk-through of its gallery where dozens of famous works of art by French artists are displayed. View pieces by Monet and Gauguin among many others.


Another great way to stay connected and be entertained is to take part in online gaming. There are many ways to do this, from Steam, real money games to Nintendo Switch Online. When you have access to gaming consoles, the world is open to you. Take Nintendo for example. The company recently released Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a game that has been extremely popular from launch. The Switch game provides a way for players to visit friend’s islands and explore together.

Roblox is another favorite among gamers along with Apex Legends and Overwatch. No matter what type of console-based, computer or mobile game you enjoy, there is a way to play online with friends or with new people from around the world.

Netflix Party

When it comes to watching television shows or movies, Netflix is king. Just a few short weeks ago, the streaming service was seen all over the place after launching the Tiger King series. Whether you have learned the magic of Joe Exotic or have ideas as to what Carol Baskins did to her husband, Netflix has played a role in your new quarantine lifestyle.

A fun feature that the service offers is a great way to share Tiger King or other content you enjoy with others. Utilizing Netflix Party allows users to download a browser extension via Google Chrome that initiates group watching. Once the extension has been downloaded, invite your friends to watch at the same time. Everyone can use virtual chat to talk and have fun while watching together. This feature is a great way to stay connected to friends no matter where they live.

Virtual Workouts

If you want to stay fit while in quarantine, then virtual workouts are a great option to place in your stay-at-home schedule. On the internet, you can find unlimited workout options. Want to work out with Chris Hemsworth, the mighty Thor? You can! Want to take Zumba in your living room? You can! There are so many ways to find workouts online. Utilize Google or YouTube to find options for working out based on classes you were taking before quarantine began or try new options like Pilates or Yoga. These are just a few suggestions on what you can do to stay entertained while in quarantine. Try switching up what you do each day to enjoy something new and avoid getting burned out or bored. With a little creativity and of course, internet access, you can continue to have fun while stuck at home!

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