Pisces Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

Couples who have just started on a loving journey may feel pressure from their significant other to consecrate the bond. However, they might wait. This might be due to the inadequacy of funds. Moreover, the stars indicate that wedding bells may not ring anytime soon. On the relationship front, you may meet numerous people at a social function. Be wary of letting someone blindly. The impending transition of Mars along with the gigantic Saturn through the twelfth house may lead to a major issue in your family. Try keeping cool and use your head to solve conflicts.

Education and Knowledge

During this period, undergraduates in IT-related subjects might do well to remain focused on their education. They may be able to exercise themselves and spend adequate time on studies. They may be able to grasp things simply. Their efforts may be supported by the movement of celestial bodies. Students in the final year of schooling may want to go and study abroad. Their dreams may be achieved. Planets may arrange in their favor, but the students may do well to assure no stone is left unturned in their homework. All in all, this may be a favorable time for students.


For the Pisces this week, there may be some health issues that may cause pain. It might do you well to stay proactive when it comes to health. If you find any health irregularity, seek medical help promptly. This way, any health problems may be snapped in the bud. This may deter further complications. This week may see you getting wounded while falling from a height. So be very cautious if you visit high places.

Money and Finances

According to planetary arrangements, there may be no primary financial gain during this time. However, there may be one definite, i.e a weakened Jupiter, and a malefic Ketu, that is transitioning through the eleventh house. There may be a good opportunity for acquiring wealth. There may be solid growth in money inflow. However, you may do well if you take care not to jump into any dark opportunity to make profits, especially of the dangerous kind. Also, during this period, there might be some undue expenses. You may need to be prudent in spending money.

Career and Businesses

The ruling planet of your sign is the persuasive Jupiter which holds the portfolio of the tenth house. This house is linked to occupation. As of now, Jupiter is debilitated and is in transition through the eleventh house. Furthermore, it joins forces with the maleficent Ketu. Business owners shall remain bereft of any opportunity for consultation of major deal. However, they should be able to keep things moving. Salaried professionals are likely to be trusted with a task-based out of the station. Successful handling of this shall lead to favorable chances of getting a promotion or a hike in compensation.

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