Pisces Weekly Horoscope 24th – 30th May, 2020


Love and Relationships

Some disputes over plans might appear between those in relationships. The planetary forces aren’t in favour of smoothing out differences among them. Relation with younger family members is likely to exhibit some difference of opinion. Care should be taken for the needs and development of the younger ones in the family. The bond with loved ones might face a rocky patch. Efforts to fulfill unreliable promises may go futile. One may not be able to fix the issues for now. One should keep one foot at a time and deal with each obstacle as it comes.

Education and Knowledge

The holiday enthusiasm should be brought to a halt. In initial days, youngsters might find it a little laborious to delve in a new routine. But efforts should be kept constant. Science or IT students should commence studying as it is said- early learning only enhances the learning. Also, the better the change, brighter will be the results. The determination to strive for more comprehensive results will stay with the students during this period. Post graduate students should furthermore spend most of the time getting acquainted with the topics they’ll face in the new term. They will make up-to the mark progress.


Concerning bodily health, one is likely to be caught up in a respiratory issue. One needs to keep off from places where air pollution is high. The problem is likely to persist. So a visit to a pulmonologist is suggested to help prevent it from aggregating. Post check up, one must follow up with the prescribed medication for long lasting relief. A healthy diet is key to a healthy body. One must maintain a steady diet keeping in mind digestive system’s needs. For physical well-being, indulging in some light exercises in morning at home or going to gym for work out is suggested.

Money and Finance

Earnings will double. One must be careful of the mighty Saturn’s transition through the 12th house. It will have a solid effect on one’s economic decisions in this period. Due to which one must be privy to the unexpected expenses and thus wisely spend. Expenditure on the domestic sphere may be inevitable. Lending money to a related person should be abstained. It could give bitter outcomes. Also, one should steer clear of any risk to surge on the future economic prospects. Now would not be an advisable period to make new investments.

Career and Business

Minor deals will be simple to crack. However, major deals are less likely to be in good order. Moreover, it will be difficult for businessmen dealing with international companies to seal a bid ticket deal. As far as the working sector is concerned, it may be a stressful period due to the heavy workload stress. Extra working hours and sincere patient efforts might only be the way out of the work pressure. There are possibilities of new opportunities coming along the way with a scope of raise in compensation.

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