Pisces Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd May, 2020

Love and Relationships

People who are not in a relationship would want to meet a like-minded person of the opposite sex. In the middle of the week, they may cross paths with an old comrade of the opposite gender. Desires will flow and both would want to get cosy and spend time in private. They would want to enjoy the bliss of an intimate relationship. It is important to bear in mind the sensitivities of the partner to have a merry time without any stress or unintentional advances. You shall have a happy time with your family. You would create new lovely memories.

Education and Knowledge

The merry time of vacations is soon drawing to an end. So the students who have been lazy and cut off from studies should start gearing up for a new academic term. Those in the final year of graduation should preparing for the upcoming session. They must go through the new syllabus and be mindful of it. Students of the postgraduate course need to focus on their studies.


As far as your health is concerned, you have to watch out for any problems with respect to your lungs, as the position of planets predicts a trouble with one of the most important organs of the body. You have to take rapid action in order to fix the issue in its nascent stage. Do not postpone visiting a good pulmonologist. Also, follow the physician’s advice and medical prescriptions. Physical fitness is an unarguable crucial factor in our mental and physical happiness. Adding exercise to your daily routine is a great idea. Keep the digestive system in good spirits.

Money and Finance

There is a chance to make good money. But you can’t be relaxed either as there are equal chances of a significant reduction of finances. Since prevention is better than cure, to avoid getting into a troublesome position, it is recommended to have sufficient savings in reserve so you can manage any financial emergency.

Career and Business

Planets are not in a favourable position to support those entrepreneurs in foreign trade. No profits are going to come. Also, manufacturers in the chemical industry shall feel happy by striking a deal of massive wealth. Salaried employees will be given permission to operate from home on the condition that they don’t compromise on deliverables. It is also predicted that they may get a better job opportunity in the form of a promotion. This would get them a salary hike and additional responsibilities. But, this may not happen soon and patience is key.

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