Pisces Weekly Horoscope 10th – 16th May, 2020


Love and Relationships

Unmarried youngsters shall be on the scout for an affectionate relationship. It is suggested that an informal relationship shall form with a long time friend of the opposite gender. However, this young relationship shan’t reach the pinnacle of assurance and closeness. Some may uncover issues in a significant bond of romance. It is not fitting to try to settle this forcibly. Try to postpone talking about this dilemma and carry on as usual. Friction in the family should be handled tactfully and with a generous heart. Priority should be given to keeping the peace and tranquillity with the loved ones.

Education and Knowledge

Besides having fun with loved ones, students in an undergraduate course in science or IT should familiarize themselves with the subjects to be taught in the new academic year. It is fundamental for pupils in higher education to want to study in a foreign university. But the present planetary movement is not beneficial to these goals. Without a doubt, students should seek admission in a university in the country. Instead of crying over spilt milk, it will be profitable if they direct all their energy into mastering the lessons imparted to them.


Majestic Mars enters your sign around weekend. This movement of Mars through your sign is to assist you to do something fruitful that keeps you at the peak of your health. It seems that a viral infection may cause you discomfort. Hence, take all the necessary precautions. Apart from this minor problem, no other annoying health concern shall come your way. For those in their thirties or old age, abnormality in blood pressure may be noticed. You need to remedy this by reducing your consumption of salt. Furthermore, you can avoid significant difficulties by having regular checkups and keeping a tab on change in blood pressure.

Money and Finances

As per the transition of the planets, an increment in the inflow of money is likely. The earnings from this event shall undoubtedly bolster you financially and put you in a comfortable position. But all isn’t rosy. The invulnerable Saturn is making a decisive move across the 12th house which makes a major money outflow imminent. As a precautionary measure, keep sufficient funds for a contingency. As common sense would suggest, keep away from any activity that is risky or indulges in speculation oriented activity. Other than this, you shall manage the routine and incidental expenses without perturbation.

Career and Business

The generous Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces. It holds the portfolio of the tenth house which is linked with occupation or in other terms, Karma. A weakened Jupiter, along with a wicked Ketu, moves through the eleventh house of your sun sign. This movement deteriorates progressive forces and they don’t work efficiently here. If you own a business, you have to put all your pressure behind contacting more and more customers. You are unlikely to reach a consensus over a big ticket deal. For people in employment, this week brings with itself an opportunity to do a major task based out-of-station. Successful conclusion of this is going to serve you.

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