Paper Plate Animal Craft Ideas for your kids

Paper plate animals make the classic kid’s craft idea. Most are very simple and almost free of cost and kids can pick their preferred animal. You can make masks, wall hangings, animal mobiles, and standing animal crafts.

The exceptional thing about making animals from a simple paper plate is you can make anything – from aardvarks to zebras and everything in between. Here are just a couple of ideas for your animal crafts your kids can make.

3-D Paper Plate Elephant

Using sturdy paper plates, you can give your creature a fun 3-D look. The stocks and guidance below are for making an elephant.

Things Needed: 

8 Sturdy Dinner Size Plates 2 Flexible Dinner Sized Plates 4 Toilet Paper Cardboard Rolls Black and White Construction Paper Paint Black Marker Pipe Cleaner Scissors Glue

How to Make an elephant

  1. Paint the sturdy plates the color of your preference for the elephant’s body. Let these dry completely.
  2. Glue 2 plates concurrently at the rim (front to front) to form one section of the body. Repeat this with the other plates until you have 4 body sections.
  3. Glue each of these sections together, back to back, to form the elephant’s body.
  4. Using white paper cut out two large circles for the eyes. Cut out two smaller circles with the black paper for the pupils. Glue these to the front plate. Cut out some small strips with the black paper for eyelashes and glue these over the eyes.
  5. With the flexible paper plates, paint these the same color as the body and let dry. Cut a big arc on one side of the plates to create the ears. Glue these to the side of the front plate (in between the first and second sections of the body).
  6. Use one of the cut out arcs for the elephant’s trunk. Glue this under the eyes. Cut out a mouth using black paper and glue under the nose. You can give your elephant a fun look by cutting out a cute bow tie (for a boy elephant) or hair ribbons (for a girl elephant) and glue.
  7. Next, paint or cover your cardboard rolls with paper to match the color scheme of your elephant. Glue these on at the bottom of the elephant’s body in the front and back, placing them in between two of the sections. With the black marker, give his feet some toenails.
  8. Lastly, take the pipe cleaner and shape it into a tail. Poke a small hole in the last plate (in the back) and stick the pipe cleaner in the slot. You may require a little bit of glue to help hold this in place.

This cute paper plate animal will persist on its own and will look great on any table. You can even make more zoo animals and devote a whole table for building your zoo. 

Paper Plate Rocking Horse

People of all ages love rocking horses. These were vintage toys for many of us. So get some of this nostalgia back by making this adorable animal craft.

Things Needed: 

Two Flexible Dinner Sized Paper Plates Brown, Black and Tan Paint 2 Wiggle Eyes Yarn Scissors Glue Ruler

How to make a horse:

  1. Paint the bottom of the paper plate with brown, black, and tan spots. Leave some of the white show as well to design white spots for this horse. Let the base dry.
  2. Turn the plate over to the unpainted side and mark the middle of the plate. Using the ruler, measure 1 1/2″ to 2″ from the center on either side. Draw 2 straight lines (one on each side of the middle). Fold the plate along these lines to formulate the “rocker”.
  3. Take the second paper plate and paint it for the horse’s head. We used the tan color but you can use any of the colors to suit the body.
  4. Once this plate is dry, cut out a horse’s head and neck from the center of the plate. Make the neck about 1 ½ to 2″ wide.
  5. Glue on wiggle eyes or use paper to create the eyes. Using a marker, draw in the details of the horse’s face (i.e. nose, mouth, ears).
  6. Cut a 1 ½ to 2″ wide slot in the rocking paper plate (horse’s body). Make this slit the same size as the neck. Slip the neck into this slit and fold over to hold in place. You may want to add a bit of glue to help hold it in place.
  7. Lastly, using the yarn, cut numerous strips and glue on the back end of the horse for the tail. Repeat this with smaller strips and glue to the horse’s head to create the mane.

If your paper plate horse is too burdensome on one end of the other, causing it not to rock properly, just tape a paper clip on the interior to the side that is too light. This will help even out the rocker. The ideas are endless when it comes to entertainment and easy paper plate animal crafts. So get out the paper plates, craft supplies, and your creativity and have fun.

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