Education has become very important in today’s era. If you want to live a good lifestyle today and want to have a good salary, then education has a bigger hand in it because in which job you are working, completely depends on your higher education and with which company are you working, and the colleges the student is coming from. It is also seen that students coming from different colleges are working in the same position in the same company but there is a difference in their salary because it all depends on the image and valuation of the college name from which you have completed your higher education as well. It has been found in the survey that the reason for going up the name and brand image of the college is its education system, then it is clear that if a person is in a good college, then they will be given a good quality of education. If we look at the global level, then many institutes of India fall in the ranking of Top Three Hundred Institute of the world.  But there are still the majority of these institutes in India which are not able to provide good education and that is why our entire education system is largely behind in the comparison of Western countries.  For this reason, Western countries are always a point of attraction for Indian students and in many years it has been seen that more and more students from India are completing their higher education by going to western countries and one such western country is Canada whose education system is quite good and if you want to go to this country and complete your studies, then among all things, the most important and mandatory document is IELTS scorecard, and IELTS full form is International English Language Testing System.


           There are many other important legal documents required But IELTS is one of the most important documents because that will not only help you in admission but at the same time, it will also be sought for migration when your visa is approved. The language used in communication daily in Canada is English and more than 98% of the people there speak English, that is why it is very important that whichever candidate is going to study there can speak English very well so that he can serve there and as is the IELTS full form is International English Language Testing System and in the name of which it is clear that this is a kind of test that measures the candidate’s ability to handle English with the required level of accuracy and fluency. Canada is a country where the education system is considered to be the backbone of this entire country and if seen, it is the largest country in the countries around the world and despite having such a large country, providing quality education at this level is a very big thing in itself and many universities here have been contributing for the last several decades to make this education system more efficient and modern, such as the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, McMaster University, University of Montreal and many others and the average IELTS Canada score to get the admission in these universities is 6.5 on the measuring scale ranging from 1 to 9. Most of these Universities are operated by the government and if we look at the ratio of private and public universities here compared to other countries then it is quite different and it is 20:80 which means 20% of the institutes here are from the private sector, at the same time, more than 80% of the institutes are under the government in the entire country which helps the government and makes the process easier, in case of introducing and implementing any law in the field of education. The government policies here also support the education system very much and according to one of their policies, they spend 6% of their GDP every year on the education sector and with their increasing economy revenue, the money spent on their education is also increasing because of which the education sector is becoming even more improvised. But if a person is going to work instead of studying in Canada then the required IELTS Canada score is set at 6 by the government.

      In this way, we can say that Canada is an excellent place where a student can complete his/her higher education and start a career.

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