Online Scratch Card Games You Should Be Playing Right Now


Online scratch card games have gained as much popularity as their offline counterparts, thanks to the ease of playing these games. The excitement while playing these is unparalleled. With popular themes, innovative features and exciting rewards, the games have a massive appeal. If you have just ventured into the online world of scratch cards, here is the listing of the top games that you should be playing right now.

Bowled Over

Bowled Over is an instant win online scratch card game available on many casino portals. Based on a cricket theme with the background of a cricket field, it has fantastic prizes on offer. In Bowled Over, you get to play two games in a single stake.

To start with, you need to purchase a scratch card and then click on the New Card option. In the first game, you will find pictures of six players hidden behind ball-shaped panels, each with a prize amount. Click on these panels to reveal the hidden players or prize amounts. You can either remove each of them individually or show all at once with a single click. If you happen to find three matching players, you will win a reward. In the second game, you need to hit a wicket to win by clicking on the ball-shaped panel. The prizes won in both these games are added up to your account.

With more chances to win with a single stake, Bowled Over is one of the best scratch games to play.

Wild Champions

If you are looking for a scratch card game with a tinge of humour, Wild Champions should be your choice. This game blends two popular themes – wild animals and sports. It is designed around animals that compete in Olympic events. You can find six animals with different multipliers as prizes.

The game begins with a player placing a bet for a certain amount and clicking on one panel at a time or revealing all together to find what lies beneath the animal symbol. The aim is to match three panels representing the same animal to win the corresponding multiplier times their wager amount. If they end up hitting two three-panel matches in the same game, they win the highest multiplier. If they fail to hit any 3-spot panel matches, they lose.

The cute caricatures of the animals along with the bright colours and high multipliers, make this an exciting scratch card game to play.

Lucky Leprechaun

How would you like an online scratch card game based on the theme of a slot game? Doesn’t that sound exciting? It is precisely what Lucky Leprechaun is all about – a slot-like game designed to be an instant win scratch card game.

Just like most of the other scratch card games, you need to match three symbols hidden behind panels for instant wins. Lucky Leprechaun is precisely similar to Wild Champions in terms of the playing process except that the symbols are based on Lucky Leprechaun slot machine. In essence, it includes 4-leaf clovers, pots with gold coins, leprechauns (or dwarfs), smoking pipes, violins and glasses with dark beer. Once you match three panels representing the same symbol, you win the corresponding multiplier times your wager amount.

Besides these popular ones, you can find a lot of other scratch card games like Gold Rush, Wolf Gold, Scratch Match, Queen of Gold and Space Force. Play any of these and explore a vast collection of other such instant win games for the ultimate gaming experience online. Thanks to the online casinos, there’s no shortage of innovative scratch card games!

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