Manpreet Singh a Young Entrepreneur Sneaking into the Future in a Whole Different Way

Bikram Sing Multani and Manpreet Singh

Beating the odds and creating a hallmark of his name is the point that always been the focal point of journey of the leading entrepreneur Manpreet Singh. Manpreet Singh, Co-founder, Innokrats was a blessing in disguise until he discovered his true potential by the dint of hard work, passion, consistency, and utmost dedication. Now, Manpreet is a known name among the youngest entrepreneur taking the ship of transformation both for the community and the World.


Manpreet Singh, who hails from Jammu and Kashmir, India was born in a decent family. Despite facing challenges in his early life, he never gave up on his dream and aspirations. Even after the death of his father at the age of 9, he instilled confidence and self-belief in his action and ideology to make it big and that is what exemplifies greatness in young leader like Manpreet. His greatest strengths were the support and blessings of his mother Balbir Kour who is there to back him with every decision he takes personally and professionally. 


From a young age, Manpreet was passionate about tech and business. Although, he is extremely good in studies but he was completely focused on attaining a new level for success for him. Thereby, he met Bikram Singh Multani who himself was a tech enthusiast. And, during the completion of his studies, Manpreet co-founded, Innokrats, with Bikram Singh Multani at the age of 18. It was not an easy road for him but the end result was definitely what he wanted to achieve and all it is determination that stays the driving force behind his journey.

Life Then and Now

When Manpreet started it was a solo ride but it changed completely after meeting Bikram Singh Multani. The vision he had about his life is now shared with his partner Bikram. And, the background of both being motivated by technology and gadgets made the perfect blend of success. Now, they are both working on developing consumer storage solutions.

While Bikram emphasizes on developing tech products that mirrors the future of tech with extraordinary and revolutionary features that meets the convenience and comfort quotient of the consumers. Contrarily, Manpreet is inspired to tech to whole new level by imbibing the idea of sustainability into it. And, the spectacular idea of such kind of gadget as a whole is ready to create a magic that is majestic and marvelous in all respect. Recently, the duo has developed contactless business cards with storage feature. The product is stunning with all the latest features and ideas visualized before stepping into this section. And, undisputedly, the product made a huge buzz among tech lovers. According to Manpreet, this is just a beginning of their movement to completely transform this section of consumer and furnish them what they have never imagined.

Manpreet is a true entrepreneur who can peek into the future and determine what would be future be like. This is the quality of a leader and entrepreneur who keep discovering new ideas and trail an offbeat road of their own.

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