Majestic Staycation in Paphos


Paphos, sometimes spelled Pafos, is a beachfront city in southwest Cyprus and is the capital of Paphos District. In classical antiquity, two locations were named Paphos: Old Paphos, today is known as Kouklia and New Paphos.

The current city of Paphos lies on the Mediterranean coast, about 50 km (30 mi) west of Limassol (the biggest port on the island), both of which are connected by the A6 highway. Paphos International Airport is the country’s second-largest airport. The city has a subtropical-Mediterranean climate, with the mildest temperatures on the island.

Here is our travel guide to Paphos

All vacations in Paphos are bound to be a mix of contemporary enjoyment with details of ancient history. Whether you’re looking for a summer in the sun or the chance to experience life as the Romans lived it, this incredible town will be able to present you with a great blend of both. With a culture motivated by both European and Eastern influences, Paphos boasts some of the most wonderful city skylines in the Mediterranean. The old town also provides compelling possibilities to see some of the world’s best-preserved Roman mosaics. Paphos is also a world heritage site in UNESCO’s ratings.

Whether you’re looking to experience a peaceful few days shopping in the boutiques at the heart of the city or covering up the local culture and cuisine with trips to museums, beaches, and other various family-friendly sites, Paphos holidays offer you a novel opportunity to encounter the very best of what Cyprus has to offer. With the bonus of more temperate weather throughout the winter months, this wonderful island is an ideal location for spring, summer, or autumn break, giving you an added element of versatility to fit in with school holidays.

Paphos is great for self-catering opportunities

One of the benefits of a villa holiday in Paphos, apart from catering accommodation for larger groups, is the opportunity to pick a location near to the town for excitement or further away for more peace. These well-equipped buildings offer more manageable choices to those provided by hotels and allow you a larger degree of freedom than traditional package holidays to the region. They are also close to the main temptations of the town, allowing you to enjoy easy access to a host of activities to keep the kids happy and amused.

Homes in Paphos also provide unique access to the rest of the island, letting you encounter the whole of Cyprus with relative ease. Paphos holidays are bound to be full of wonderful days by the beach or exploring ancient Roman structures, as well as enjoying some of the fantastic food on offer in local markets and delicatessens. Whether you choose to go out every day or stay at the villa experiencing a little time to yourselves, the weather of Cyprus will permit you to do so. Packed with culture, history, and incredible outdoor activities, holidays in Paphos are guaranteed to be special for the whole family.

Traveling to Cyprus and Paphos

You’ll have no problem finding a quick and easy way of getting to Paphos because various international airlines run a full selection of flights to the modern efficient airport close to Paphos. In extension to perhaps making a souvenir purchase of local craftwork and visiting various historic sites linked with the old town and the Roman occupation, your visit will concede you to sample all kinds of regional cuisine and to spend some valuable time with your family. Also boasting an exciting nightlife, stunning beaches and glorious weather, this majestic location makes a great holiday destination for visitors of all ages.

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