Libra Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

On the relationship aspect, the stars might mean a swell in the social circle and the flowering of new relationships. However, one might do well not to let their sentiments get the better of them. One might do well to use their head when beginning a new relationship, and not to jump to judgments. Take some time to size up the new person, and decide whether they are worth your affection. One might need to be slightly cautious concerning relationships with the opposite sex. Singles might see sparks fly with an old-time friend of the opposite gender. This is a good sign and they may go forward, thanks to planetary care.

Education and Knowledge

People in IT-related may be able to employ in long study sessions without any difficulties and might get productive results. Their scholarly chases might reach success and may bring them joy. Students in postgraduate courses may be faced my grief and a lack of energy, without any particular reason. Students might do well to relieve themselves of this negativity and stay on the path to growth when it comes to their education. If they do this, they might make satisfactory progress, despite all odds.


There may be a chance of a viral disease. Hence, you may need to take some care to avoid trouble. There may be some problems with your gut. Be aware of acid reflux, that may occur. If you take an antacid tablet or syrup, try to include fiber-rich fruits and vegetables as well as grains in your diet. These might reduce acidity from your system. No matter what you do, spare some time in the morning for some kind of physical habit, as that might develop you for the day.

Money and Finances

Librans might do well to put their best foot forward and keep endeavoring to reach their financial goals. Designing a plan, and working methodically to reach their objectives might be a good idea. An increase in salary might make you confident about the future. Your expenses might be under control, and you may not face any issues. During this time you may be inclined to spend money on a religious ceremony with a view to push forward your financial prospects. You may go ahead, as all routine and incidental costs may be firmly within their convenience zone.

Career and Businesses

Businessmen may have an interesting deal coming their way, which may make them euphoric and increase their morale. This may give them the impetus to progress on the road to success. Tours to nearby places might yield fruitful results. Businessmen may need to be in a positive frame of mind and may need to be willing to exert more. People working in salaried jobs might face confrontations that might make progress difficult. They might feel constrained, and might not give likely results, thanks to seniors pressing them at work.

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