Libra Weekly Horoscope 24th – 30th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

People in a passionate relationship might exhibit negative sentiments towards their partner. They will have reservations about the conduct of their lover. Being overly judgmental of and mocking your partner shall strain your bond. You are expected to maintain your cool and give space to him or her. The planetary movement shall prevent the love birds from having a loving and cheery time. You are likely to form new bonds of friendship. However, it would rebound if you put your trust in someone you have recently met.

Education and Knowledge

Students who are seeking an advanced level in science or IT related subjects are recommended to cut down on recreational activities or comfortable pursuits. Instead of enjoying grinding parties, these undergraduate youngsters need to give priority to their academic goals. They shall be in high spirits to make astounding progress this year. Teenagers in higher education should utilize their term-end holiday to acquaint themselves with the new curriculum. This would be more productive than socializing or just whiling away the time relaxing or binge-watching television.


Your digestive system is likely to be a cause of concern in the current period. It can be counterproductive to stuff yourself with food late at night. Keeping your body active by doing some form of physical activity or working out in the gym is a great way to stay healthy. This can also keep your digestive system in order. The passage of celestial bodies forebodes an injury in the lower part of the body. You need to be cautious in this regard and keep your eyes out for any circumstances that can lead to physical harm.

Money and Finance

It is assumed that you shall make more money here. However, this shall not come without making due efforts. You need to go all in your endeavors to swell your income. Moreover, it is essential to lessen the money you spend on yourself. Also, it is necessary to reduce your overall expenditure. By cutting down your spending, you can increase your savings. You should keep the prospect in mind and be assured that you are prepared for any unforeseen situation that makes a sudden drain of funds. No vital expenses are predicted. You shall be in a secure position financially.

Career and Business

Entrepreneurs shall be focused on growing their sales. They would be anxious about the rising competition in the market. Some promising negotiations are going to take place. They need to follow up on the deal to clinch the deal. Business owners are urged to make a strategy to get their noses ahead of their peers in the market. The job holder is likely to face worried about his or her position in the company. What makes this situation more critical is that their supervisor will be persistent about producing better results. Despite trying hard, the person would fail to get the craved outcome.

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