Libra Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd May, 2020

Love and Relationships

If you are not in a committed relationship right now, you will have an inclination to start one with a long-time friend of the opposite sex. But it is recommended that you take time and meet the concerned person often. You should first form a bond of trust before revealing your feelings. It is implied that the person of your affection shall take sweet time to respond positively. It is important to maintain long-term bond. Be empathetic to his or her feelings. You are likely to meet new people during this week. While you will meet various humans, you have to be picky about making new friends. A family turbulence might keep you stressed.

Education and Knowledge

Youngsters on term-end break from studies would socialize and spend time with family. Also, some students would choose to relax and binge-watch their tv shows online. But if you are pursuing an IT or science degree you should go through the syllabus of the new academic year. Children in higher studies can look for earning money through a part-time employment. They may not want to study more.


You may have an issue with the digestive system. It is predicted that you may have acidic reflux. While you should take an antacid pill or syrup, you should make some dietary changes as well. It is recommended to include fibre rich grains and veggies in your diet. This is proven to rid your body of the excessive acid. It is indicated that you may get injured in the lower part of the body. Be cautious in this regard. The transition of planets is going to lead to a troubled time for people with diabetes. Have a regular checkup to keep a tab on variations in the bloodstream.

Money and Finance

It will be almost certain that you earn more money in this time period. But this increment would not be too large. The money you spend habitually will increase. Your overall spending is likely to rise. You have to be watchful in this regard. Your priority should be on saving money for the future. For this, cut down on unnecessary spending. Furthermore, there is a cause of concern as powerful Saturn is closing in on the second house. You need to be prepared for any emergency and have sufficient contingency funds for the same. All in all, you shall be in a comfortable position financially.

Career and Business

Businessmen are predicted to have a difficult time this week. They would have to work harder consistently in order to get decent results. Only then can would be able to see fruits of their efforts. Salaried employees would not feel confident about their status in the company. Employees are recommended not to engage in an argument with the boss. This won’t have any positive outcome for the employee. A better job opportunity is going to present itself. Be prepared for new challenges that this opportunity brings.

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