Libra Weekly Horoscope 10th – 16th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

Couples are likely to have a pleasent and memorable time this week. Both the companions shall see their feelings reach nirvana and would want to make things official. But they would have to keep the grand wedding on hold as of now due to the negative impact of planets. Combination of two benefices will lead to meeting people with diverse personalities. It would be wise not to put all your trust and pin your hopes onto a new acquaintance. It would also be reasonable to keep some distance from a newly met person. You will likely face an obnoxious situation with a family member.

Education and Knowledge

Generally, the current period would be that of unwinding. Hence, youngsters will be using time in fun and play. However, those pursuing a graduate degree should eke out some time to plan for a new academic year by looking up topics to be taught. This is especially true for students of science or IT branches. They should aim for glittering results and work accordingly. Students in the last year of schooling may feel a hankering to change their main subject for further studies. However, it won’t be a wise decision. They should stay with the same subject.


It is shown that you may develop discomfort related to the gut. An acid reflex may bother you. A proven remedy for the same is to include grains and vegetables as they are rich in fibre. This helps in flushing out the unnecessary acidity from the digestive system. Apart from this, you will not face any major fitness concern. Including daily exercises into your routine will go a long way in keeping you fit as a fiddle. The adults need to watch out for the return of an old ailment.

Money and Finances

The picture on the financial front does not look vivacious for you. Diligent and persistent efforts are required to make even a minuscule increment in your earnings. But the position of planets debilitates any such attempt of yours. It is also not conducive for any fresh investment. This is not the best of times to make any conclusions regarding finances. An unplanned responsibility of your family may bother you. It is a symbol of wisdom to be prepared for any emergency. So keep aside enough funds for it. You shall be undisturbed by other scattered expenditure.

Career and Business

Business owners are advised to keep working hard. They cannot afford any slack in their efforts to succeed. Chance to hit a profitable deal is going to come your way. But the bad news is that some important planets are in decline. This shall be counterproductive and finalising the deal will take longer. Be stoic in your pursuits. Also, don’t make any major decisions just yet. Work professionals shall be under constant pressure from their seniors to step up their performance and give more output. They are likely to work for an extensive period to meet the deadlines.

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