Leo Weekly Horoscopes 3rd – 9th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

During this week, people who are in the growing stage of their relationship might see their confidence grow. They might feel happy with each other, and excited about taking the relationship ahead. They may want to get married ASAP but might face barriers in doing so. Married couples may face trivial issues. Spending some quality time with your partner might bring you happiness. Use this time to display what has hurt you, and you may be heard with empathy. Take some time out to discuss household things. You may have a friendly and pleasant time with family.

Education and Knowledge

This week may see the stars emit that undergraduates may have full focus on their academics. This concentration might help them study for long hours, and understand things efficiently. These students might be rewarded with effortless progress. Students who are at a higher level in school might find it hard to pay deeds to academics as there might be some issues. This might bring down their confidence. Students might do well to seek out a calm atmosphere where they can focus fully on their studies, and attain the knowledge they need. Students might do well to spend time in the library. That way, they might make pleasing progress.


For Leo at this time, the movement of planets might indicate a nagging health concern. You might do well not to neglect this. Be proactive, and if you notice some anomaly in your body, get help from a doctor instead of passing and neglecting it. This might go a long way in preventing suffering. You might do well to indulge in some physical activity. Fitness is important. Ensure your digestive system functions well. Mars is impacting your sign during this period, which means you might have a physical injury.

Money and Finances

During this period, some major monetary gain might be headed your way, according to planetary rotations. There might be an enhancement in income flow, which may augment your financial position. However, don’t worry, and feel comfortable, as this part of your life might be sorted out. For business owners, now might be the right time to invest in growing their business. They need to concentrate their energy on developing their enterprise further. Individuals may face an urge to spend some money so they may be able to send some happy time with family. Go ahead and do so, as this might not impact you, and your savings might grow gradually.

Career and Businesses

For the Leo this week, the Sun rules the sign. Hence it may carry a lot of importance for Leo. Mercury meets the Sun, and they make a transit through the tenth house, which deals with the occupation. Thanks to this, business owners may be engaged in pushing their sales. Those working with the government or semi-government companies may face a lucrative long-term deal. People who are working in service may have their peace of mind affected by constant directives by their direct bosses to give more output and finish the tasks within a strict time period. There might be some barriers in furnishing results.

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