Leo Weekly Horoscope 24th – 30th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

If you are not in a relationship as of now, things shall take a spicy turn. You are going to get the opportunity to spawn a romantic relationship with an acquaintance of the opposite sex. It is predicted that you shall get flirty indications from two known people. You would be indecisive about them. Unfortunately, the planetary positions won’t help with the decision. Mars creates an effect such that there would be problems with a younger member of the family. The movement of planets through the consequential eleventh house will lead to new friendships taking place. Be cautious in a new relationship.

Education and Knowledge

The term-end holiday must be nearing the end. The students should get into the right state of mind to seek knowledge that will be given to them. It’s time to start buying books and stationery. College students should go through the syllabus and make themselves aware of the same. It won’t be surprising if students take impressive steps in growth. Students in a post graduate degree are going to have a fantastic and wonderful time with friends. So engrossed will they be in socialising that studies is bound to take a backseat.


A troublesome development in lungs is foreseen. If you experience anything out of the ordinary while breathing or chest, it is highly recommended to visit a specialist doctor. Heed whatever advice the doctor gives and the prescription to a tee. People in the mid life or veterans may have pain in the muscles and joints. They need to take measures to fix it. Middle aged people are also predicted to face an old health ailment of the past. They need to take precautionary steps for the same. Regular health checkups are recommended.

Money and Finances

Mercury rules the second house which is linked to finance. Also, it caters to the portfolio of the eleventh house which is linked to gain. This planet is moving through the eleventh house along with the powerful sun coupled with a retrograde Venus. This is a unique phenomenon including three planets. This formative transition is going to create situations for you to make money. Do not discuss this matter with anyone, not even your close friend, as of now. Malefic Rahu, the shadow planet, is transitioning through the twelfth house. Continue being frugal to ward off ill effects of this movement.

Career and Business

Businessmen are very lucky this week. They will have a golden chance to strike a brilliant deal. A serious negotiation is about to happen. But be prepared to get disappointed as the deal may not happen now. It will mostly get postponed. All is not dull though. Routine deals will take place and maintain stability in your business. Employees would remain tensed. The major reason behind this would be the uncertainty regarding their importance in the company. Due to this, their efficiency will be reduced. Progressive forces are not favourable at the moment.

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