Leo Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd May, 2020

Love and Relationships

People in a relationship (unmarried) may have some doubts on the apparent change in the behaviour of the lover. Also, he or she shall question the partner’s integrity. Due to this, the individual is likely to feel like ending the relationship. But, before taking any conclusive step, he or she should verify the facts. Those who are married shall see some problems in their bond. It is indicated that they develop friction over a crucial matter. The person needs to give sufficient space to a life partner. Plan an outing with the spouse. Joyous time with kith is predicted.

Education and Knowledge

A piece of advice for those in the final year of college life – It is crucial, so prepare for the upcoming term by reading books on topics that are yet to be taught. This way, you can stay ahead of other classmates. The teens who are studying in the senior years of higher education need to hunt for a part-time employment. This way they can make some cash on the side. They would not prefer to use their books this week.


Your health is predicted to be great overall. It seems you may find the determination that had been lacking so far to stay fit. You might join a gym and get tips about staying fit. You are advised to be wary of a viral infection that seems on the onset. It is best to take measures and precaution in this regard. Individuals who have diabetes have to keep a check on their food intake. Keeping blood sugar under control is very important. Keeping a tab on any fluctuations related to your blood is a mandate. Be regular in health checkups.

Money and Finance

The auspicious movement of planets show that there be a great uptick in the inflow of finances for you. Celestial bodies are moving through the eleventh house that is associated to gain. This bodes well for your finances and you shall see new avenues of making money open up. But all is not flawless as maleficent Rahu is moving through the twelfth house, linked with expenses and loss of cash. This is ominous, and you may spend money on things you do not require. You should be practical when buying a commodity or something else. In a nutshell, you shall be all right here.

Career and Business

The powerful sun is the ruler of your sign. Thus, it’s not surprising that the movement of sun holds massive significance for you. Sun transits in a dual nature air sign Gemini with ruler of Mercury and retrograde Venus. All are making a movementt through the eleventh house, which is related to gain. Due to this, entrepreneurs will stay occupied negotiating lucrative deals. However, the outcome of the deal shall take some time. They are recommended to stay patient. Professionals in a white collared job may face obstacles to meet targets and goals. They would have to work beyond office hours to meet deadlines.

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