Leo Weekly Horoscope 10th – 16th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

Unmarried men and women in a passionate relationship will face pressure in their bond. An unsolved issue may keep them uneasy. At any significant or sensitive juncture in a relationship, it is necessary to keep the communication open and empathetic. It is indicated by planetary activity that singles may not be successful in sparing leisure time for their loved ones. People tied with a bond of matrimony should come up with something special to keep their spouse optimistic and engaged. There might be some friction with a younger member of the family. It is advised to remain interested in the progress and needs of that younger person. Give priority to maintaining warmth and harmony in the family.

Education and Knowledge

Boys and girls seeking higher education need to give adequate time to their studies. It is imperative that they don’t let their focus dip even slightly. Despite this, they may find that they aren’t able to learn things easily. During the annual break, they should spare some time to revise their lessons. If you are in the terminal year of schooling, then you should stay focused on academics. 


Powerful Saturn is influencing your sign. This may cause you some variety of viral infections. You need to be proactive in this regard and take immediate remedial actions for the same. Senior adults and old ones need to keep a check on their salt consumption if they see some irregularity in blood pressure. They are advised to not miss any regular checkups and keep a watchful eye on any anomalies. For those suffering from diabetes, sweets and soft drinks are a strict no-no. They should stay away from such detrimental foods to remain healthy.

Money and Finances

The planet which is ruling the second house is Mercury. This house influences your finances. Around mid-week, Mercury becomes decrepit. Hence, it will be prudent if you refrain from taking any consequential decisions pertaining to money. It is predicted that your income shall remain unchanged. Shadow planet Rahu moves through the 12th house. This shall lead to an excessive drain of money. You need to keep a vice-like grip on your expenses and avoid all unwarranted spending. Instead, make accumulating wealth your priority. Any minor and routine expenses shall be managed by you effortlessly.

Career and Business

The influencer of your sun sign is the intimidating sun. Currently, it is moving through the tenth house which is linked to occupation. Owing to this fortunate transition, business persons will have a big opportunity. They should unfailingly cash in on this. However, the ruler of the tenth house, the ‘evening star’ Venus, goes backward around mid-week. This will negatively impact the result of entrepreneurs’ efforts and results will be less than expected. If you are a job holder, this week shall test your resilience. You will find it cumbersome to work efficiently. It is also indicated that you would need to extend your work hours in order to meet the deadlines.

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