Justin Strong Takes Over with his Countless Successful Businesses

Justin Strong is a young, Canadian entrepreneur has just what it takes, to take any business to the top. Some may say they never expected to be where they are today, but as Justin says, this industry and business chose him. He worked hard at it since he was as young as he could remember, and never gave up, even when times got rough. He’s a strong believer that his failures lead to his many successes. 

You could say he has a green thumb, as any business he runs grows and prospers and he doesn’t have any plans on stopping anytime soon. With seven businesses under his wing, his plans for the future never fall short of astonishing. As times get difficult and the economy has put most businesses to a stop, including Strong Bros. General, Contracting Ltd. Justin has focused on more preparation and ideas for later down the road. Two of these include his most recent social media giveaway company, Social Giveaways Inc and building a state-of-the-art head office that will be 16,000-square-feet with numerous workspaces and document safeguarding designed rooms for his construction business Strong Bros. General, Contracting Ltd. that we are excited to see grow from the ground up.

He has many reasons as to why his companies are so different from their competitors. His working environment is unmatched by those in the same industry. He explains further “ We believe that if we create the space, mindset and vision we can build a team that will put us a step ahead of our competition. Our goal across all companies is literally to make the best in the industry want to work for us. From there we can provide our clients with the highest quality product from the team we build,” and in relation to team building, Justin believes that the right team will make all the difference saying, “I’ve learned over the years that the better your people are and the more knowledgeable they are in their field the better the success of your business will be.” 

He keeps the small family run business feel alive by staying connected with his businesses and staff. “It’s with these relationships the company continues to run like a well-oiled machine and all parties involved feel a responsibility to the success.”

Not only does he take pride in his accomplishments, but also in his participation in helping the community. He strongly believes that it’s important to give back to those in need. He is still actively donating to foundations in the community that is including but not limited to Quinte Children’s foundation and Hospice. 

Justin is your go-to man for advice in the business industry. Starting from his small driveway sealing business to his now multiple businesses including two multimillion-dollar ones. His reputation amongst both staff and clients is astonishing, thriving on everyone leaving happy at the end of the day. Even if that means having to turn down some clients. Being honest in what’s best for both employees and clients is what is going to make or break a situation. He knows what he does best, and he knows when his business model isn’t in the best interest of everyone involved. If seeing someone else is going to make the client happy at the end of the day, then that’s what’s going to happen. 

If you have any additional questions and would like to contact Justin Strong, please click on this link to be redirected to his social media. For access to his new giveaway company, please click here.

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