How to Stop yourself from Habitual Thinking


So much of what we do is a habit we don’t realize it for what it is. This is particularly true with ideas, words, and deeds. What kinds of stories do you recite to yourself and others? Are they the ones you want to encounter, to promote? Each time you follow the well-worn path of habitual thinking, speaking, and action-taking, it’s like beating the same old drum over and over–kind of beating it into your reality.

One especially good thing to keep in mind about yourself is that if you do seek or have sought information that can lead you to encounter more of what you truly desire, to feel about yourself more the way you know you can, you’re open to another way. That’s always the first step towards any purpose.

Leaders must realise this.

As long as you concede about breathing your abundance but don’t start breathing, you’re saying ‘My endless Abundance isn’t really there,’ or ‘It may not really be there’-and you continue to feed power into your financial limitation eggs. At some point, you’ve got to take a decision about what’s real and what’s not, throw in a line on the sand, cross it, and never go back. You can’t stay in no man’s land and fully open to your Infinite Abundance.”

Don’t limit this to just abundance. See how it fits lifting any limitation and moving into the fullness of who you are.

It is important to remember, it may take a while before you’re ready to draw a line in the sand and cross over it about a significant inner shift or desired way of being. It makes sense, really. Maybe you or someone you know decided to start a health or weight-reduction program, a program that involved going “cold-turkey.” We know how well that works.

It’s just that it can be or feel easier not to take the steps. After all, the old way is the one you know best, even if it doesn’t create the outcomes you desire. If you’ve ever experienced an essential inner shift then tried to return to the old way, no matter how uncomfortable or disquieting the new, unfamiliar way was, it didn’t work. The old way no longer fits. You can feel you’re in a virtual limbo, not sure where to land. If you can allow this as part of the moving-forward process, you’ll move through it more effortlessly. Limbo is not a negative place to be. It’s a place where you can ask yourself questions you maybe never asked before and seek answers.

If the old answers don’t really work for you, ask new queries. While you wait for new answers, maybe stop beating the same old drum and move out of your habitual thinking loop.

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