How To Know Where To Place Your Money In Sports


As legal sports betting in the US continues to thrive, so too do the number of online sportsbooks. For sports bettors, this can be both a blessing and a curse. A healthy selection of options means you’re likely to find exactly what you want. But too much choice can often lead you to forget what it was you were looking for in the first place! Below are some factors to consider when choosing the best US sports betting site that suits your specific needs. 

Are legal betting sites authorized in your state?

You don’t want to unintentionally choose an unregulated betting site. Such sites exploit players and fail to safeguard sensitive information. Safe, secure, and regulated sites that are regularly monitored to protect players are more your cup of tea! So your starting point is to know the legal situation of US sports betting in your state. Of course, if you already know and that’s why you’re here, read on. And if your state has yet to authorize legal betting sites you will have to wait before you put these tips to good use but its good knowledge to have nonetheless.

What’s your sport?

Are you looking to bet on a favorite team or sport for some fun? Or do you believe you can turn your superior knowledge into cash? Maybe a bit of both. Whatever your reason for betting it’s usually based on a sport you’re into. Once you’ve established the sport is available, rate the site for its range of markets and different types of bet. Although all US betting sites focus on the big four domestic sports no two sites are the same and so you may find one covers your sport better than another. If your sport is lesser-known in the US and more niche, for example, cricket or Aussie Rules, you may not have as many betting sites to pick from so consider this too.

Do you have a preferred way to pay?

Sport Betting sites that accept PayPal are in demand in the US. Why? Because PayPal is one of the fastest and safest ways to move money online and very popular for sports bettors for whom time – especially when live betting – is of the essence. Thing is, not every betting site in the US supports PayPal transactions and more to the point, each has a different set of banking options.  So you have to do your homework. Many sites display an icon of the methods they accept at the footer of the website. But it’s best to visit the FAQ or Help Center of the site for a specific and updated list of options.

Get a feel for the mobile app

Thanks to mobile apps, betting on sports has never been more convenient. Gone are the days of wagering from a desktop computer. You can simply download the relevant app for your iOS or Android device and bet on-the-go. But you don’t want an app that struggles to load or is poorly laid out. You want a high performing app, both responsive and reliable and easy-to-use. Getting a feel for the app and assessing its performance early on can help you determine a difference between the various operators.

Is customer service taken seriously?

It’s unlikely your decision is solely based on this point alone. Nonetheless, customer service is an important aspect of any online offering. But particularly one where you can bet on sports all day every day. If you have a problem, you want it fixed fast whether its 2 am or not. A betting site that values customer service highly will have LiveChat and a phone number as support options, as well as an email address and FAQ Help Center typical of all betting sites. 

Final Word

The US betting market is still relatively young. As it evolves and becomes more accessible countrywide the choice of betting sites will increase as well. But factoring the points above into your decision-making process will enable you to make a more informed choice of site.

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