How to Connect Beyond Boundaries with Our Siblings?


“To the outside world, we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were, we know each other’s hearts, we share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys.” 

Be it a good, bad or an ugly day, they are the ones who have always got our backs. They are the greatest gift that our parents have blessed us with. No matter which age groups one belongs to, siblings are one such constant relation which is incredibly important to bond with. Indian festivals like Rakhi, Bhai dhooj and western festivals like siblings day are celebrated to strengthen the siblings bond. That is precisely why a sister sends rakhi to USA or any other country where her brother resides to not let the distance come in between their beautiful relationship. This act to send rakhi to UK, USA or any other part of the world to celebrate Raksha Bandhan even being miles apart from each other shows that they are still close to each other’s hearts. But distance, regardless of how many attempts we make not to bring in between, but it does. Here are a few pieces of advice to bring you and your sibling, closer than ever. 

  1. Focus On The Good, Positive Things – Remind him/her of those gold, old days when everything used to be so carefree and happy. Talk about those memories. 
  2. Don’t Bring Up The Negatives From Childhood – Never! You want to bring back those good times and not hit the rough patch in your relationship with him/her. So, don’t bring up how bossy or adamant, they were back in those childhood days. 
  3. Plan A Surprise Visit – There’s probably nothing more priceless than seeing one’s loving sibling paying a surprise visit. Try to fix the misunderstandings by talking face to face so meet them where they are. 
  4. Keep Them Involved In Your Lives – Share daily life updates to them. Video call, text or keep a track of their life happenings even. Include or share everything and anything with them it will surely help you two to bond better. 
  5. Give Them Time – Be just a text or call away from them. Give them time by discussing some common topics of interest. Your time would mean the world to them. Show them that they are needed in your life. Time is definitely the best you can gift to them. So, make sure to do so. 
  6. Hold No Grudges! Let It Go – Forgiveness and moving on is the sign of building or rekindling a sibling’s relationship. Don’t let the past dictate your wonderful future with them. Forget about past grievances as you can’t change the past. But can surely work on building a better present and future together. So just, let it go!

So, these were a few expert tips to help you rekindle that long lost friendship, love or respect that you hold for them. They are your BFF by blood, make them feel so! Cheers to siblinghood! 

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