How Good Are Free Games in 2020?

The free gaming industry was perpetuated by amateurs with lower-quality games not so long ago. Although free games are still a bit simple, they serve a different market and they have whole other upsides. More developers than ever before started taking an interest in free gaming thanks to some of the big titles released last year.

It’s easy to say that the free gaming niche is at its best right now. We’ll explore this idea more in detail below.

Simple But Fun

The thing about free games is that they target a whole different type of people. Whilst top titles often go after more hardcore gamers with powerful gaming setups, free games target the casual ones that just want to have a bit of fun. They want something they can pick up for a bit while taking a break, rather than a game that takes dozens of hours to progress.

For free games, the mobile medium is also king. Google Play is a great resource of free games like the casino, puzzle, and action ones. Gamblers can try a lot of free slots just by downloading them from Google Play. They work on all types of devices and operating systems, making them a more inclusive option, great for beginners.

Online Casino Games like many other free ones are designed in a simpler manner that lowers the difficulty of learning to play them. This is great since you can have a good understanding of their mechanics within minutes. On the other hand, you might never learn all of the mechanics that go behind an AAA game like GTA V, even if you finish it all.

For casual gamers, the simplicity of free games comes as an advantage.

Better Than Ever

Free games are at a whole other level nowadays. Developers can’t make available for free a top-quality single-player game, for obvious reasons. However, the world of free multiplayer games is in constant expansion, and we certainly noticed this trend last year. Games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and even the good-old CS: GO took the world by storm in 2019.

These are free games that anybody can download from a game launcher like Steam, Origins, or Epic Games. Their quality is without a doubt at the same level as classic AAA games, if not even better in certain instances. They feature vast worlds that can be explored by players in a compact format. Their file size is usually under 30GB, which is quite exceptional for an AAA-type game.

Future Trends

We’ve managed to notice a huge gain in popularity for free games. Their number of active users can often go above 80 million while the number of registered accounts can be even as high as 350 million. These are some considerable numbers that put the spotlight on free gaming. For the sake of comparison, GTA V – one of the most popular games ever, only reached a total number of 110 million accounts.

Fortnite and Apex Legends certainly gave the “bang” to the free battle royale game explosion. Thanks to their massive success, other big companies are joining their path. Call of Duty just released a free-to-play game called Warzone back in March 2020. As more companies will start releasing free titles, we will be able to see even more growth in the free gaming market.

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