How do you Teach your Child to Play the Guitar

They say that during the initial stages of a child’s growth, he/she develops certain motor skills based on which a child develops his interest in certain hobbies and careers. Thus it is important to let your child wander freely and explore his potential so that he/she can develop its potential and skill-set to the fullest. A child’s learning process starts at home, and parents play a very important role in it. A child looks at his parents and learns and imbibes new skills from them. If your child wants to learn to play guitar, then the parents should start by teaching them a few basics. You can make your child expert in this skill by searching online guitar lessons for your child on the web while teaching your child to play the guitar.

Choosing an appropriate guitar

 For ages eight and below

The first step towards learning a guitar is to choose the appropriate guitar. It is recommended for children below the age of 8 years to buy a classical type of guitar. This is because these come in various sizes depending upon your child. Also, these are cost-friendly, so you don’t have to worry much about expenses. They come without gear and are wide. They fit the comfort of the child or a new learner. Also, the strings are made of Nylon material so soft on the hands and easily carried out.

For ages nine and above

Children in this age group prefer playing rock and roll, and in the end, they should be let free to make his/her own decisions. Thus this fancy electric guitar is recommended for the children. Most children fancy guitar playing as a hobby because they see electric guitars on TV or in the movies. The strings made of steel are easier to fret and thus come with comfort. Along with these, one needs to purchase an amplifier and a guitar cable as it can produce a variety of sounds that are not possible for a classical guitar.

You can also opt for an acoustic guitar as your child’s first guitar as they are lightweight and easy to carry and can help them to build an interest in guitar playing, and these can be carried anywhere as well. You do not need to buy additional gear with it, so it is cost-effective as well. Follow the guidelines given in offline or online guitar lessons to kids so that they enjoy playing it without getting hurt or injured.

 The perfect guitar size based on their age

Picking the appropriate size of the guitar is as important as the type of guitar you are looking for your child. For a child ranging between ages 3 to 5 a guitar of size, ¼ is recommended while for ages 5 to 8 years, the guitar of size ½ is recommended. For ages 8 to 12, the guitar of size ¾ is suggested and forages above. One can go for a full-size guitar.

 Hold a guitar properly.

It is important to know that holding the guitar in the right way. It will yield successful results. Maintain a proper posture when you hold a guitar to avoid injuries and fatigue while playing it.

 There are three ways to hold a guitar:

  1. Classical way
  2. Standard Method
  3. Standing up with a strap

The Classical Method: Keep a footstool with you to execute this method properly. In case there is no footstool inside the house, it would be best to keep a stack of books. This can help you elevate your foot and leg.

 Follow the following steps to execute the classical method:

  1. Find a chair that is either solid or armless.
  2. Adjust your stool at ½ or ¾ higher level.
  3. Sit at the end of the chair and keep your left foot on the footstool.
  4. Make sure that the left leg is slightly higher than the right one.
  5. Your back should be straight while you are sitting on the chair.
  6. Open your legs and keep your foot t 45-degree angle.
  7. Keep the right arm at the top of the guitar, and keep your shoulders relaxed.
  8. The weight of your arm will keep the guitar at its place.
  9. Place the thumb of your right hand on the 6th string from the bottom.

The Casual Method: The casual method is similar to the classical method, except the guitar rests on the right leg instead of being placed in between the legs.

Standing with a strap: In this method, a strap similarly holds the guitar as it was seated in the positions mentioned above.

You can use any of the methods as it will help to form a proper posture before your child starts playing guitar. When you start playing, make sure that the strings produce the same volume and if your child gets frustrated to seek help from the professionals who can come up with the right solution for the issues that your child is facing.

Sometimes it is the talent and hard work that will pay your child in the years to come. It would best if your child takes up something productive instead of wasting his time on social media or by sitting idle. Since these days, there is no job security. You can help him recognize his talent by enrolling him in the online guitar classes for kids. He can take up guitar playing as a career in the years to come and can be a member of one of the most popular music bands. It is also an amazing opportunity to spend time with your child while he is doing what he loves the most. Involve your child in one or the other extracurricular activities for his overall development.

Author Bio: Maria is a Music Blogger . She loves to playing the guitar and geeking out about music. She likes water sports, photography, traveling and gaming.

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