Growing your own food Series: How to grow Fruits in your backyard?

This is part 4 of Growing your food series. Part 2 revolved around barrel potatoes. In part 1, we saw how can we grow tomatoes. Part 3 was my personal favorite, Cabbage

The best way to consume fruits is to plant them in your backyard and then eat them. The fruits produced in your backyard will be more pristine compared to all the fruits available in the market. And since you have grown them with your abilities, you can be sure that they will not have any malicious or undesired poisons in them. Although you need to put in some effort to grow a variety of fruit trees in your backyard garden, you are compensated with an endless supply of fruits for the next twenty to fifty years. You garden will also be toured by birds of all shades and variety. Thus you can create heaven right here on earth with your own hands.

You need to take care of some essential facts in your mind when you plant fruit trees in your garden. First make a list of the fruit trees you want to grow. You would need to get at least two species of each fruit tree as most of them bear a fruit only by cross-pollination. Keep a distance of 15-20 feet between all the fruit trees. This will help them to get proper space and nutrition so that they grow more healthily.

If you want to add some decorative fruit plants which will make your garden look very pretty, grow some figs and blueberries for this purpose. Fig trees look classy with their leaves and stout trunks and they don’t need any significant consideration from your side. Another useful thing about the fig trees is that they are self-pollinating.

Apples are ideal of many fruit growers. They need a lot of sunshine and grow well in well-drained dirt. The semi-dwarf and dwarf variety of apple trees are a more reliable option compared to the standard variety as they will utilize less room and give the fruit more quickly. You can choose some self-pollinating types of apple trees like ‘Golden Delicious’ and ‘Grimes Golden or choose other cross-pollinating apple trees. 

The best time to plant trees is in the spring or the fall. You will get to enjoy the fruits of your hard work in three-five years. Plant the trees in the evening when your trees will not get stressed by the heat. Properly plant the trees so that the hole dug by you is as broad enough as the hole at the nursery where you bought your tree. Don’t forget to add compost to the hole before you plant the tree in the hole. Finally put the dirt around the tree in conventional manner so that the dirt is all around the tree. Water the tree as and when it requires to be watered.

You can also do all your landscaping with the organic method. Although you might have to put in more energy at the start when you do organic gardening, later on you will be able to enjoy tremendous benefit and relief from the same. So do keep your mind open to organic gardening as well.

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