Gemini Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

For singles, this may be a great time romantically, as they might feel drawn to the offspring of a family friend. If there are numerous visits from that person, some eyebrows might be raised. However, love may bloom between the two parties. The elders in both families may be keen to make this relationship official and plan a wedding. The suitable position of planets may show the progress of courteous feelings. Take some time out to watch out for honor in the new partner. During this time, family relationships may be warm.

Education and Knowledge

For Gemini undergraduates at this time, academics may be the only focus, leaving little time for anything else. Students might do well to keep distractions away, so they may focus individually on their goals. During the end of this period, expected worries may start sneaking up on you. Students who have plans to go abroad to study may see their dream achieved if they work hard. Students may need to blaze the midnight oil to see results.


During this period, pay special consideration to your health, as there may be some trouble brewing on the health front. If you sense some ailment coming along, get medical help immediately. Follow the doctor’s advice completely, and take all medicines as instructed to get recovered completely. During this period, Mars has an influence over the Sun, which means that you may face an unexpected injury. During this period, you may do well to start exercising. Perform some light workouts in the morning or maybe join a gym.

Money and Finances

During this period, your moral standing may come into question. You may be dazzled and tempted by the luster of wealth and may be willing to cross certain boundaries. Do not give in to sinful desires, or the law may catch up with you. Remember. Wealth can be lost and won, but a reputation smeared is gone forever. During the middle of the week, your spirits may rise, thanks to a new financial gain that may happen. During this period, don’t let your affluence get to your head. Do not flaunt your wealth, and be concerned about saving money instead.

Career and Businesses

Business owners may feel some stress during this period. They may be anxious about dipping sales. However, worrying won’t solve the problem. Businessmen may need to increase their customer base and contact valued end users. That may be one way to increase sales. Businessmen may need to get out of their comfort zone and explore new boundaries. Midweek, businessmen may face some good news, as a lucrative opportunity to strike a deal may be present. However, this happiness may be short-lived, as businessmen may face some stiff competition. Employees working day jobs may want an increase in salary and promotion as well.

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