Gemini Weekly Horoscope 31st May – 6th June, 2020

Love and Relationships

This is an ordinary week as far as matters related to your love and relationships are concerned. Do not over-expect from your partner during this period. Over-expectations often end in a broken heart. Try to acknowledge the emotions and feelings of your partner. Do not force your thoughts and opinions over other people, especially your beloved. Give them enough freedom and space. To love is not to bind, but liberate! Those in a new bond should clearly and freely learn to express their feelings. Your siblings may ask for some favour or the other. Stay away from extramarital affairs. They will constantly end in a disaster.

Education and Knowledge

This week will be very demanding as far as your academics are concerned. There will be no shortcuts for students. Hard work will be imperative. As far as possible, try to bypass negative pressure and anxiety. This may have an opposing effect over your studies. Students will need to remain calm and composed, especially during the mid-week. Students pursuing medicine, excellent accountancy courses or MBA will need to stay focused and work diligently. Students intending to pursue higher education overseas should consider all pros and cons before initiating procedure for the same. Planetary influences will favourably help students to obtain good marks during examinations.


Precaution is going to be your aim throughout this week! There is a definite possibility of an accident during this week, be careful! Take all necessary precautions while driving and do not over speed under any circumstances. Married couples should be cautious in regards to the health of their spouse. Diabetes and hypertension patients should also take adequate precautions. They must keep a regular tab over their blood pressure as well as sugar levels. Old ailments of the past may also trouble you. You could get tired easily. Try to avoid touring during this week. Should you notice any physical discomforts, visit your doctor immediately.

Money and Finances

This week is going to be a rollercoaster ride as far as matters about your finance and money are concerned. You will need to be very careful about every aspect about your finance like investments, profits and accounts. Do not haphazardly invest money. There will be a tendency to spend more money for purchasing luxurious paraphernalia. Do not be a spendthrift. This is precisely the week where you must keep a tight leash over unwanted expenses. Do not lend money to anybody during this time. Doing so will block your funds for quite a long time to come.

Career and Businesses

Do not be adamant about any decisions about your career and business during this week. Be malleable. Do not be afraid to adopt new policies and embrace new decisions. Make adjustments wherever necessary. Such minor adjustments and tweaking may take a major burden off your head. All your efforts will be focused upon completion of your tasks and responsibilities. As an ancient proverb goes, ‘no man is an island, all by himself.’ Teamwork will be crucially important. Try to co-operate with your colleagues and subordinates at work. Working as a team will help you accomplish the toughest of tasks during this time.

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