Gemini Weekly Horoscope 24th – 30th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

Venus is moving in a detrimental retrograde way. This would make the unmarried but committed people develop doubts and misgivings about their partner. The behaviour of the partner will be disconcerting for them. It is recommended to give space and time to their partner. The planetary positions shall not let the couple have a cozy and happy time. It is seen that you will get a chance to make new friends at a social event. Not only this, but you shall form long lasting relationships with some of them. If you come across any problems in the family, deal with it with practicality and calmness.

Education and Knowledge

During the term end vacation, undergraduate students may get distracted from the subject chosen. This will be due to rising doubts about getting a profitable employment post completion of the degree. The student shall remain uncertain on this count. Youngsters wanting to study abroad may be disappointed. The movement of planets shows that there will be too many obstacles in their aim to get a foreign degree. All their tiresome attempts to go abroad would experience extreme hassles.


It seems your mental health could deteriorate due to increasing pressure from work. Increasing stress can cause a lot of unseen damage to your health. Balance the work load and rejuvenate yourself all the time. Staying physically fit can also relieve stress. Doing creative things shall help too. Apart from this, it is predicted that your lungs may not work at their best pace. In case you feel uncomfortable in breathing, seek a doctor’s help. Impact of Mars and moving Sun may cause you to get injured on upper portion of the body. Be careful of your torso.

Money and Finances

The position of planets doesn’t predict too well for your finances. Firstly, your income will not see a positive growth. It is to stay what it was. But this bad situation is balanced by the fact that you will not be drained of money reserves. Also, your regular expenses shall not cause you any anxiety. All miscellaneous expenses will be handled by you without any issues. You can easily save money for the future or make good investments.

Career and Business

Mars is transitioning through the tenth house. This powerful movement is going to keep you quite busy if you run a business. You would also need to work with perseverance to achieve your goals. People who deal with offshore businesses may not be able to finalise the deals they have had their eyes on. Those who dabble in engineering equipment or chemical industry will have a lot of joy awaiting them. Their deals this week will bring them lots of wealth. White collar employees will face pressure from their seniors who would have high expectations. This is not a very rewarding time for them.

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