Gemini Weekly Horoscope 10th – 16th May, 2020


Love and Relationships

Unmarried boys and girls in a romantic relationship will be void of peace of mind. Stress is likely to make them involved with each other. For a relationship to thrive, both the partners should have choice and space. They have to let their spouses be themselves and not overburden them with their expectations. Bear in mind that a simple wound may heal, but the one hurt by harsh words leaves the bond strained. You may make associates with people from diverse backgrounds. Maleficent Rahu transiting through the second house, connected chiefly with family may generate friction in the same.

Education and Knowledge

Students pursuing tertiary study are likely to come face to face with situations that shall weaken their concentration on studies. They have to keep all the disturbances at bay. Furthermore, celestial action reflects that these learners shall have a challenging time in college/university. It is suggested that they work smartly by preparing a gist of the topics taught in college. They can refer to them constantly. This is a proven method to cement concepts in memory. They can firmly move ahead in their academics by following this. A passionate excitement of many students in the final years of schooling is to move abroad for further studies. However, this shall not actualize.


Although you should be prepared mentally as well as physically, minor problems cannot be ruled out. It is always enough to nip an issue in the bud before it takes the form of a nasty disease. Hence, should you see any creeping concern, visit a health professional without further delay. Also, be very careful about the left eye. Again, if you see the discomfort in the eye, do not neglect it. You should pay a visit to an ophthalmologist and take the remedial action as prescribed by the doctor. Adults and veterans may see an old health concern resurface. Keep up with regular health checkups.

Money and Finances

There is a markedly positive influence of Jupiter on your sun sign. This will strengthen your financial standing. An uptick in an inflow of money seems imminent. And expectedly, this shall uplift your spirits and embolden you about your future prospects. Remember, pride comes before a fall. An unnecessary display of wealth shall do more harm than good. Instead, utilize the surplus income by making sagacious investments and considerable savings. You should also be prepared for a rainy day.

Career and Business

Planetary movements manage that business owners will be occupied with work and shall be prepared to make rapid progress. This ambitious endeavor, however, shall face a roadblock owing to complicated changes in position and transition of planets. They should battle with routine deals as of now. Another thing self-employed has to keep in mind is not to take any meaningful steps concerning their businesses. Employed professionals will remain upbeat on being trusted with a more responsible classification. But they should ward against complacency and keep up the industriousness for encouraging the coming prospects. Their otherwise spectacular week will be marred with dormant following forces.

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