Franky Aguilar – The Multi-Talented Artist and Genius Developer based out of California

Franky Aguilar

“I knew I wanted to get into the art world, but I knew it wasn’t as simple as just painting something cool. You have to approach it from a certain way. When you think of Shepard Fairey or big artists like Rob Kaz or Tristan Eaton, you think of New York City and Los Angeles. But when you think of Las Vegas, who pops up? No one. I want to be that person.”

– Franky Aguilar

Franky Aguilar is an American technical artist and web developer from California. He studied web Design and Interactive media on the Artwork Institute of California – San Francisco in his youth, constructing the muse of his profession.

He subverts the stereotype of the starving artist lacking business acumen. A Bay Area native and product of the Silicon Valley tech industry, he’s taking the marketing chops he’s learned from his experience developing mobile apps to re-evaluate the way he does his art.

The technical artist and web developer remember being influenced by street artists like Bansky in his early creative years. Now he says he wants to be the Banksy of Las Vegas.

After Commencement, Franky has worked with numerous well-known companies and artists creating applications for them; his client portfolio contains individuals like Steve Aoki, Main Lazer, David Choe, and Snoop Dogg.

“Neon, colorful, dinosaurs, giant robots and fun stuff. It’s a big playground for your eyes.”

He personifies the idea that entrepreneurship doesn’t have to mean that you should own a unicorn tech startup or build a firm that aims to change the world, but it should mean that you create something substantial, something that’s profound and holds meaning and something that you can share as an extension of your personality with the world.

In 2015, Franky founded Yoshirt Inc., an organization, which blurred the traces between when and what’s digital or bodily through a digital clothes design application permitting customers to compose actual clothes designs, utilizing pictures and stickers straight from their devices. This app turned an enormous success for the company after getting a $2.5 Million seed spherical of funding, permitting the corporate to construct distribution channels and manufacturing pipelines throughout the nation.

Aguilar has built much of his user following from video-sharing platforms like TikTok, an app that perplexes those older than Gen Zers. But the 33-year-old sees it as a marketing gold mine for his work.

“I make semi-triggering but engaging content. I’m using it to grow my social following by posting informative [art] techniques, smart things people can take from home in 10-second formats. For me, the platform is working well for what I’m trying to do.”

As a practicing artist working within the tech trade, Franky has all the time been fascinated with the combining of physical and digital artwork ideas. In 2016, he stumbled onto one thing very compelling.

In 2016, Franky found the scene of Artwork Drop shipping, which he utilized with nice intelligence of Ads marketing, permitting him to sell tens of thousands of items of artwork work from web sites like Canvas Cultures, the place Franky has been listed as one of many Elite sellers.

Franky’s purpose by the center of the subsequent 12 months (summer season 2020) is to have $1 million value of Artwork, minted on the blockchain. Every certificate for this artwork’s mission shall be minted at 100–250 ETH per piece, with a purpose of finishing almost 50 items of art to accomplish this. All work shall be purchasable on Identified Origin and or in individual by direct contact. This time he’s taking a look at eternalizing his physical, artistic endeavors on the blockchain.

He sees the world differently. He wants to share that vision through his art, which is loud, boisterous, and even a bit abrasive at times.

Franky Aguilar serves as an inspiration, but of a different kind, one which compels us to realize our entrepreneurial inclinations but through our own unique talents, a quality that can push us on to achieve greater things in life, things we didn’t even think were possible through our efforts.

You can follow him on Instagram here: @frankynines

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