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Microsoft is not just about its operating system and Windows products. They also offer different types of services, including cloud and server-based solutions for businesses. To accompany these different products and solutions, they also have credentials and their related assessments to go along with these new demands, so candidates can prove that they are proficient in the technology. One such accreditation program is their MCSA or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, which targets IT professionals equipping them with the most relevant skills and expertise necessary to work on the many various technologies that the company carries.

In this post, we’ll pay attention to one of the MCSA badges in SQL Server 2012/2014. Also, we’ll get the gist of one of the required tests to gain this credential, the Microsoft 70-461 Real Questions by name. If you read this post till the end, you will also find the list of the top resources to prepare for this exam.

MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 Badge and 70-461 Exam

The MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 credential enables candidates to validate their skills when it comes to Microsoft database technologies. To acquire this certification, you will need to prove your proficiency and expertise when it comes to developing and maintaining databases. However, to pursue this badge, it’s obligatory to have fundamental IT skills with experience or earning one or more Exam-Labs 70-486 MS-900 70-761 70-778 70-410 70-764 70-741 70-742 AWS, PMP, A+ exams.

If you comply with these prerequisites and still are eager to achieve the MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014, you will need to sit for three exams, one of which is 70-461 test. This test is for SQL Server database developers or analysts to validate their mastery in writing queries, which will come in handy when you are handling large sets of data. What is more, this exam measures your ability in creating database objects, working with them, modifying them, troubleshooting, and optimizing them. It will help a lot if you have any experience with this beforehand, making it easier for you to go through this tricky assessment. If you want to enroll for the test, you first have to pay an entry fee which is $165. Of course, it’s important to know the procedure of 70-461 main exam, too. In this assessment, you’ll be exposed to at least 40 tasks or more (up to 60) with 120 minutes to finish them.

Apart from Microsoft 70-461 Real Questions, you will also need to tackle two more tests, namely 70-462 and the 70-463, to earn your MCSA badge in SQL Server 2012/2014. As the purpose of our article is to get you acquainted with the Microsoft 70-461 only, all the further info here will be about the prep tools for this exam.

Prep Options to Help You Pass Your 70-461 Exam on Your First Try

It is essential that you prepare properly and adequately for your upcoming 70-461 to increase your chance of passing it with flying colors and moving forward with your IT career as soon as possible. Here go the most reliable sources ever to prepare for the Microsoft 70-461:

  • Microsoft Official Training Content

There are a few preparation options that are going to help you ace your 70-461 exam on your first try. One of which is Microsoft official training resources that provide you a few options such as instructor-led, self-paced, and the official practice test.

You can enroll in their Course 20461D that is specific to Certbolt Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014. You can either find an on-demand training partner, which is a self-paced learning system where you can get access to the course for three months. You can also look for a classroom training partner, and it only lasts for five days.

As an option, you can also enroll in their self-paced training course, where you will be able to learn on your schedule. This route is beneficial if you do not have the time to commit to enrolling in a classroom-type setting.

Finally, you can also take advantage of the Microsoft official practice test that contains 127 questions and explanations to them, with which you will have an idea if you are prepared and ready to sit for the main test.

Exam-Labs.com and Their Preparation Tools for 70-461 Assessment

Apart from the vendor’s official content, you can also take advantage of other means of preparing for 70-461 test, such as the Exam-Labs.com. They are an online platform that offers high-quality training resources for free and sometimes for a small fee.

Upon landing on their website, the first thing that you will notice is their exam dumps. You can search for the test that you are about to take and check out the different free and updated braindumps that you can make use of. The best part about these dumps is that you can quickly open them in the VCE Exam Simulator. This helpful software will enable you to simulate the actual exam environment, especially testing how you deal with answering questions under pressure and how you will manage your time.

On top of that, the Exam-Labs.com does have an extensive option of paid and exclusive braindumps that are in the vce format, too. For the Microsoft 70-461 Real Questions assessment, they also offer the Premium Bundle available for a fee of $49.99, although it is significantly lower than that of Microsoft’s official prep materials. This premium package for 70-461 exam comes with a training course made up of 147 video lectures and a 1,225-page study guide to help you review and verify various concepts. However, the most critical file in the bundle is their premium exam dump. This vce file is composed of 252 previous exam questions with answers that are verified by IT experts. To top it off, these questions are collected by the Exam-Labs.com from the actual exam-takers. This means that practicing with these dumps you get a chance of meeting the same questions in the main assessment.

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Wrap Up

If you the one who wants to develop both personally and professionally, you should opt to take the Microsoft 70-461 exam. With this, you will be able to start attaining the desired MCSA badge in SQL Server 2012/2014. Of course, if you gain this credential, all your career and salary dreams will come true. However, it’s not that easy as it seems. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say. So, you will put a lot of effort into your exam 70-461 prep process and the Exam-Labs is here to assist you in this. Check this popular website to get the most valid and updated exam dumps, especially their expert-verified premium file for this Microsoft assessment and pass the test on your very first try.

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